Painted Lizard

This is Lizard, one of the classic Spider-Man baddies for Marvel Crisis Protocol. Lizard’s attacks are surprisingly anaemic for someone who is basically a giant bipedal crocodile, but I’m not picking him for his damage output. Instead, Lizard brings the surprisingly rare combination of a medium move and medium base which enables him to make some very cheeky plays taking Extract objectives from the far side of the board. Combined with his considerable toughness and the place-after-being-damaged if I use him in Convocation (which is my current roster of choice) he can often score me a lot of points without even really making more than a trivial number of attacks.

Lizard himself was a joy to paint. His scaly skin came out a treat and I loved the way the dirty lab coat works with the green hide and ragged clothing. I was very nervous about painting his tactical water fountain, as cool as that idea is. I ended up going for a very deep blue on the water, picking out parts in a drab green and then touching the tips of the splashes with white to make them look like foam. I then hit the whole lot with a heavy blue wash to tie it all together. I’m still not convinced that it actually looks good, but it certainly now looks good enough and that’ll do for me.

Next on the painting table: Juggernaut.

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16 thoughts on “Painted Lizard

  1. Nice contrasting colours mate and I think the deep blue worked well for the water.

  2. A great looking figure. 🙂

  3. He looks great, and I think the water effect worked amazingly well – honestly it’s come across in the photos as a real highlight of the model!

    • Thanks Azazel. Looking again at the photos here, I think that maybe this is one of the rare cases where the water effect looks a bit better in a picture than it does in real life! But even in real life it’s plenty good enough for gaming purposes so I’m happy.

  4. Another great miniature, that water feature is pretty intimidating, but you did well achieving the look!

  5. This is a really cool and dynamic sculpt! I like The Lizard in the Amazing Spider-Man as well. He has a lot of similarities to Doctor Octopus in that he is a mentor to Peter gone bad basically but I still thought it was well done in that movie. The water is a tough nut to crack though. I haven’t painted much water myself and so I don’t think I can give you any tips on how to improve it. I don’t think it looks bad at all though either and I think you should be proud of how this one turned out!

    • Thanks Kuribo. I’m definitely coming round on the water effect now that I’m a bit further from it.

      One of many things that I like about MCP is putting together teams with an indirect theme. For example, I’m currently playing with a Convocation roster where almost everyone is a sorceror and find it funny to include Lizard as though there was a bad phone connection when the call went out for ‘wizards’. Lizard also works well in an academic themed roster with all the various doctors showing up.

  6. Nice! I like the scales on Lizard too, turned out great! The water looks nice and dark like what you might expect from a sewer drain. Was the plastic transparent or opaque? I’m guessing opaque, which would make it tough.

    Seeing the Lizard reminds me of the original Secret Wars mini-series. I had thought about trying to recreate that (basically a big superhero vs supervillain battle on an alien planet) in a game a number of times. If they have enough minis in Marvel Crisis….I might just be tempted to check it out.

    • Thank you Faust. The water was just grey plastic, same as the rest of the minis. It would be cool if AMG released an alternative cast using translucent plastic; I remember that Wyrd occasionally did that for their Malifaux releases.

      I loved the 80s Secret Wars comics, and perhaps they were the first time I really got into a comic run rather than just sporadically getting an issue here or there. There are certainly enough characters in MCP to make such a game (I think there must be over 100 by now), though I don’t know if the game as it currently stands would be practical for such a mass battle. But I’d love to hear about it if you try!

      • Another Secret Wars fan! 😀 Wow, I didn’t know they had over a 100 characters so far. I browse them now and again, but so far I’ve only bought MODOK. Just because he rounded out my cart and I fancied painting him one day.

        • I think that I saw somewhere that there is a whole Secret Wars sub-universe in existence now, with multiple comic arcs set there in the aftermath of the 80s original. Certainly the very first A-Force stories are set there.

          • Oh, that’s pretty interesting. I haven’t followed DC/Marvel comics much in a long time, but every now and then something will peak my interest.

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