Painted Rogue

This is Rogue, a classic member of the X-Men for Marvel Crisis Protocol. Like Gambit, she’s also a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants for reasons that I don’t recall; she’s also oddly not in A-Force even though I’m pretty sure that she’s in those comics… although since just about every female superhero I’ve ever heard of appears in them at least briefly maybe that’s not enough to justify her affiliation. Rogue is terrific to play on the table and really feels like she ‘should’ based on her comic appearances. She can attack by either draining power from people (with a wild Sap Power on her builder) or by just punching them into the middle of next week (with a built-in throw on her spender) and she has an extra superpower where she removes power from models on the other team and can hurt them if they run out. Rogue has been a staple of my X-Men team recently and even when she gets taken out quickly, which is quite often as she’s a big target and I play her aggressively, she usually does some nice damage on the way out.

Rogue’s mini is absolutely perfect, straight out of the 90s cartoon intro. I think that she’s meant to be power out of (through?) a Sentinel, though I removed the Sentinel’s eye from her left hand as I thought it looked better without. I’m not completely in love with the results of the explosion; I was aiming for a very cartoonish appearance and, while that was successful, I don’t know that the idea was particularly good in the first place. Rogue herself I am very proud of as I managed to get the green and yellow to just the right colour that I was looking for and even her face looks pretty reasonable. I’m especially pleased that I was able to give her the classic shock of white hair without making her look like she’s on her way to the post office to collect her pension.

Next on the painting table: Blightlord Terminators.

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15 thoughts on “Painted Rogue

  1. Excellent – one of my faves 🤘🤘

  2. Another very fine addition to your growing collection.

  3. This really is true to Rogue from the 90’s, especially how I remember the cartoon. I think the hair came out great and I like how dynamic the sculpt is too. I used to have an “encyclopedia” type of book about the X-Men and so I sometimes remember useless information about them and I believe at one point, Magneto does convince her to join the Brotherhood but her stay there is pretty short. Too many people love Rogue as the good-natured Southern Belle and so that change didn’t stick 🙂

    • Thank you! I was very much aiming for the X-Men 90s cartoon vibe.

      I guess Rogue must have been a fairly major part of Magneto’s Brotherhood of (Evil) Mutants for her to be affiliated in game, though comics in general and X-Men in particular are a bit of soap opera of changing allegiances! This version has Gambit’s surname too, so evidently they marry at some point in the timeline.

  4. This is how I remember her from the 90’s cartoons! I seem to remember those X-Men fighting lots of Sentinels, but I really don’t get the base design. And you did a great job on the white streak of hair!

    • Thanks Eric, she was a ton of fun to paint. I’m not really sure what’s going on with the base either, at least in terms of what is below the explosion. Maybe I should have painted it like a Sentinel somehow?

      • Okay, but would that be a metallic blue?? I might have to think about an alternate base tactical rock if I get around to pick-up this miniature!

        • Hmm, possibly. I vaguely recall that the explosion is a separate piece from the lowest part so it could be possible to have the explosion and nothing else. I actually considered leaving the whole thing off, but Rogue has some weird explosion-y bits on her legs too and that would have looked even more strange.

          • It sounds like a through examination of the miniature would be needed if/when I get around to the X-men series!

  5. Looks great. This character I remember/know 🙂

  6. This is excellent, straight out of that great TV intro. The explosion looks great to my eyes.

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