Painted X-23

This is X-23, another clone of Wolverine, for Marvel Crisis Protocol. She an interesting character and fits neatly between Wolverine himself at four threat and Honey Badger at two threat. X-23 is mobile and quite annoying to deal with since, like many of the Weapon-X characters, she has Healing Factor to regenerate wounds if she isn’t dazed or KO-ed by an attack. In practice, this has two outcomes – when Gareth plays her in X-Force against me, I inevitably leave her on one wound and she mauls someone immediately afterwards while healing back to 3 wounds, while I play her in X-Men she seems to bounce less effectively off whatever I send her towards. Clearly I need to learn from him!

The sculpt for X-23 is just perfect for her character, seen leaping towards her unlucky victim. The main point to mention here is that I decided to push myself a bit and do some work on her eyes. In the past I’ve tended to just do a horizontal white line and then a vertical black line for eyes, before tidying up the resulting mess afterwards. I wanted to test out doing an out black line to emphasise the difference between the eyes and the skin, and I think that it has come out looking good – but only if viewed from one side or the other! Each eye individually looks fine, but I realised when looking her straight-on she has a bit of a cross-eyed thing going on. Anyway, it took me quite a few goes to even get that result so I’ll definitely take it. Clearly eyes are another area I need to work on.

X-23 appears in the Logan film, but interestingly she’s a child in it rather than the grown-up version here. I had to go and check that the film character was listed as X-23, otherwise I think I would have assumed that it was meant to be Honey Badger.

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16 thoughts on “Painted X-23

  1. Looks great mate & that does make the eyes stand out more – very nice! I tend to try for the same effect but with a pool of shade in the socket & the eyeball painted on top with the shade around the edges… I find it a bit less stark but can also be a bit too subtle. Eyes are tricky 😂

    • Thanks Alex. I have a long way to go before I am close to your skill level, but I think that this is a bit better than my previous goes at painting eyes.

      • Eyes take ages to get good at, and I’m a bit hit-and-miss these days tbh! Important thing is to try 🤓

  2. very nice, I don’t know much about the weapon-X stuff, but I do like the way you’ve painted them up!

    • Cheers Eric! At our next tournament, my friend is taking a roster themed around (almost?) all the current Weapon-X minis – Wolverine, Sabretooth, X-23 and Honey Badger. I have to say that he’s kicking my butt with them very effectively so far.

      • Themes is my goal. I’m trying to see if I can “home-brew” down the rules a bit and get the wife a themed team that she will enjoy playing quick easy pick-up games – just to get the miniatures on the table!

        • Good luck. I think that the game lends itself quite well to theming as it is and that there is probably no need for much in the way of house rules. I guess I might add some heroes to an affiliation if I felt strongly enough that they should be in it, or perhaps waive the requirements around affiliated heroes being needed to ‘unlock’ the leadership.

          • Yeah, I’m thinking more like restricting cards and simplifying the game – the wife isn’t really a tabletop gamer.

            • When I’ve introduced the game to friends I usually start out by giving them a preset team on preset crises as it avoids analysis paralysis on turn zero. Leaving out tactics cards is a good approach too.

  3. Nicely done. I do like these dramatic poses. 🙂

  4. The sculpt looks great as you said, mate and really fits the character. I think you did a nice job painting her up too. Its always a great idea to push yourself and I think the eyes look good. People are often intimidated by painting eyes but I find that the trick with them is that it often takes a couple of goes to get them exactly how you want. Well, that and the more eyes you paint, the better you get at them so keep at it!

    • Thanks Kuribo! I’m a big fan of the ‘get good at something by doing it a lot’ approach so I’ll keep plugging away at eyes where it makes sense on the mini.

  5. This is great the face is especially good, the eyes have really worked, and the eyebrows fit really well, I always fine they are the hardest to get working.

    • Thanks so much! The eyebrows are a real pain for me to do at this scale – somehow even worse than eyes 🙂

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