Painted Angela

Here is Angela for Marvel Crisis Protocol. Angela is an expensive character at five threat but is an excellent fighting piece, with options to add dice to her attack based on how big her victim is, and also able to get additional attacks if she can daze or KO her target. She’s also (along with Amazing Spider Man) extraordinarily fast with an L move on a medium base; crucially this means that she can interact with an objective on the centreline after only a single move so you can pull her back to safety in the first activation of the game if the mission calls for it. On top of all that, she’s an Asgardian so picks up two power per turn which really lets her leverage all of her cool kit. We’ve had good use out of her in A-Force, where Angela using Special Delivery to apply She-Hulk to someone can be back-breaking, and also in Asgard itself though this is perhaps more because of the limited number of affiliated Asgardians in my collection; Thor’s leadership is quite generically good and I don’t know that Angela gets more out of it than anyone else.

I enjoyed painting Angela; I love a mini with a dynamic pose and her floating around with all those ribbons is excellent. Angela herself was quite satisfying to paint, although I don’t feel that I got a great contrast between the armour, skin and hair; if I were to paint her again I think I’d give her silvery armour rather than bronze. The markings on the ribbons, which look like she’s been playing noughts and crosses to while away the time, were tricky to get right as I needed the lines to be thick enough to stand out without looking like they’d been daubed on with crayons.

Angela has a fairly interesting history as far as comic book characters go; she seems to have begun as part of an entirely different franchise then been brought to Marvel when her original creator fell out with the publishers. A lengthy legal dispute ensued before Angela was reborn as yet another of Thor’s long lost siblings.

Next on the painting table: X-23.

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12 thoughts on “Painted Angela

  1. Nice work on those ribbons!

    • Thanks Eric! I did wonder if the scaling of the noughts and crosses would look weird but actually they’re surprisingly fine.

  2. I agree with Eric, the ribbons look very nice. I wonder if using a different metallic shade on the armor would help her hair stand out a bit more, but these are the kind of things I give a lot of thought to when painting so feel free to ignore me!

    I completely agree that Angela is an odd character. I’ve seen her pop up more in recent years and I couldn’t figure out where she came from. She seems like she could be a more cheesecake comic character like Witchblade, if you know that one but with Marvel taking her over, I don’t think that will be the case going forward!

    • Thank you! You’re probably right that going for a bigger range of colours between her hair, armour and skin would give better contrast here. I don’t often go back to finished minis for repainting but if I think of a practical solution I might try it on Angela.

      I have to admit that I’ve never knowingly spotted Angela in a comic, unless she’s meant to be one of the Valkyries in the A-Force run. I believe that she actually hails from Spawn originally, though I am not familiar enough to confirm it. I’d say that she’s already pretty cheesecake-y with her armoured swimming costume and thigh high boots… although in fairness she doesn’t stand out much from most of the other female superheroes as they apparently favour skintight spandex for fighting crime.

      • You could go for a lighter and typical gold color or go for a darker more brassy color. I can track down the GW colors I’m thinking of but only if you actually use those or its helpf.

        I think Angela does come from Spawn because Todd Macfarland is who owned her originally and Spawn is his thing as well. Good thinking on that! Agreed on female superheroes too. Not the most practical thing but it doesn’t seem to stop them from dressing scantily!

        • Thanks for the offer but I think that there is no need to suggest specific paints. If I go that way I’ll choose from what I have available.

  3. So cool mate

  4. Great work – keep them coming

  5. Another character I knew nothing about so thanks for adding in a bit about the back story. I am liking a lot of the models for this game. I think it is really helped with your paint jobs

    • Thanks! It’s a really fun game, I’d definitely recommend giving it a try if you get the chance at your gaming club.

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