Painted Cable

This is Cable, leader of X-Force (at least in Marvel Crisis Protocol) and sometime Avenger and X-Men member. I don’t really remember him ever having had much to do with the Avengers but there are millions of comics out there that I’ve never read and to be honest just about everyone has been in the Avengers at some point. Cable leans more toward support and utility rather than pure damage output considering his high cost and I don’t always play him very well as a result. I think that he also suffers a bit within X-Men in that he wants to occupy the same board space as Storm in order to get good value out of his huge weapon range; since I’m always going to take Storm (she’s got the Leadership ability for X-Men) it’s a harder proposition to include Cable. That said, Cable has a lot of cool tricks for mobility and defence not to mention that he has a great throw available. I haven’t actually tried him in X-Force but perhaps he’d do better there as he would then not be competing with Storm and of course could bring his own Leadership ability.

I tried to make Cable’s blue suit a bit different from Cyclops’ by using a darker blue and I think that works out. I also wanted to give him a slightly dirtier look than the very clean lines of the classic X-Men and the ragged cloak plays into that. The force field he’s standing behind was quite interesting to paint; I wanted to give the impression that it was somewhat translucent without (of course) actually being able to do that with a piece of opaque plastic. In the end I think that the illusion works tolerably; I probably could have spent an eternity on highlights without ever getting the final result that I had in my head – plus in the end it’s pretty much just a piece of scenic basing. Now that I look at the miniature through the harsh lens of the camera I slightly wish that I’d spent more time on Cable’s facial scar and perhaps I’ll revisit that some day; for now I’m happy with the way he looks at tabletop distance.

Next on the painting table: Primaris Outriders (again).

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10 thoughts on “Painted Cable

  1. Looks great mate – that shield is an interesting painting challenge! I reckon you’ve done it justice though 👍👍

  2. Another very nice one for your collection. 🙂

  3. Ahh…man. I do love Cable. I don’t know why because I generally don’t go for the over the top attempts to make a badass looking hero but for some reason, he really works. This sculpt is one I’d consider painting for myself one day if I ever find the time. It looks like a good challenge with some interesting bits to paint. You did a nice job with it and I fully support your idea of going back and trying to improve it later on. Its always a good idea to try and push yourself!

    • Thanks Kuribo. I think that, like most Marvel characters, Cable’s portrayal varies quite a bit depending on whether he’s the protagonist or not. In his own comics (or at least, the X-Force ones) Cable is a smouldering tragic hero. In others, particularly the Deadpool-centric ones, he gets portrayed more as a try-hard. I suspect that there is probably something to be learned in there about seeing ourselves through the eyes of others!

      I should definitely prioritise tidying up Cable as I suspect that a relatively small amount of work on his face would have quite a big result, so I think I’ll get him out of the box again.

  4. You got the shield looking great there!

  5. That’s a very, very cool model. Love the pose, especially with the shield. Great job with it too.

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