Painted Domino

Here is Domino for Marvel Crisis Protocol; a member of the X-Men, X-Force and A-Force at least until more affiliations are created. Domino is a classic character that performs way better on the tabletop than she looks like she ought to on paper. Her main superpowers are that enemy Critical rolls against her don’t ‘explode’ (i.e. roll a further die) when attacking or defending with her, and that she can pay power to turn Skulls into Critical rolls. I like the way that this represents her luck superpowers but in game terms it makes her punch somewhat above her weight and also has considerable reliability. I’ve really enjoyed her as part of a core of X-Men along with Storm and Beast.

Slightly to my disappointment, the mini did not come with an alternative head to make Domino look like she does in the Deadpool 2 film. I looked to see if there were any 3rd party or 3D prints available and even briefly tried a bit of greenstuff sculpting work before realising that would just make a mess of the mini; so the kit is painted just as it comes from the sprue. I was a little nervous about the painting process for Domino for two reasons: firstly, she’s almost entirely black and white and secondly because she (like Amazing Spider-Man) has a tactical explosion for her base and I’m not confident on my skills for either part. For the explosion, I’m not quite as happy as I was with Amazing Spider-Man but it’s definitely good enough. I spent quite a bit of time highlighting in different shades of not-quite-black on Domino’s clothes and hair and I’m actually more than satisfied with the results. The ‘domino pip’ over her left eye was another potential pitfall but again I’m happy with the outcome. I feel like we all spend so much time and effort on these tiny details that will never be noticed on the tabletop!

Next on the painting table: Storm.

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10 thoughts on “Painted Domino

  1. Noice!! I’m only familiar with her from the Deadpool movie, so nice to see a different take on her 👍

    • Thanks! To be honest I don’t particularly recall the cartoon version of Domino, but even if I did then the movie version is just so cool it would be hard to compete.

  2. She looks good to me! Did you glue her head down? There’s a KS I backed recently that has fulfilment due this month which contains a couple of head options that might work for a movie-Deadpool Domino…

    • Cheers for this! I actually did glue her head on but I’ll definitely bear this lot in mind for any future headswaps. Even though I really enjoy painting, the minis are always gaming pieces first for me so it would have been annoying to have to keep reattaching her head midway through a game.

  3. I like the job you’ve done of this character. I had to go back to duckduckgo to find her from both the comic-book and “Deadpool”, she’s just not that memorable to this old fart! I do like the splash of blue in her suit!
    I think this sculpt may go into the “failed opportunity” category of AMG figures. Her comic-book look is so much better than this MCU sculpt – the comic book look would give you many more color options.
    Lastly, not to be critical, but I think we all learn from constructive observations. Your “tactical explosion” is not as explosive looking as the Amazing Spider-man “tactical explosion”. I think more light grey might have helped, but your on a good roll with these miniatures!!

    • Thanks Eric. You’re quite right about the explosion and I appreciate the constructive criticism. I don’t think I’ll go back and make changes to Domino but I’ll take your advice and lean more toward the grey if (when!) I get another mini with a tactical explosion.

      The sculpt and uniform are most probably based off the 90s cartoon version where she appeared as an occasional supporting character along with the X-Men. I would have been much happier to see a sculpt based on the Zazie Beetz version in Deadpool 2. Of course, I could have gone for any uniform colours when painting her but I’m not particularly connected to any specific appearance in any media so I suppose it was rather the ‘easy choice’ to stick with the colours on the card art.

      • I hear ya on the “easy choice”, I did that with some of the Core Box minis and I thought I was gonna do that with miniatures I had to buy a dual box to get the one I wanted. But then once I got them primed and started to “paint for fun”, I ended up really enjoying the challenge.

        • They’re fun to paint up regardless of which colour scheme I’ve chosen – almost all of the time I’ve gone with the card art but I did deviate a few times. In a few cases the sculpt of the mini really evokes a particular uniform or era. For instance, Cyclops’ sculpt is so obviously based on the 90s cartoon that it would have felt a bit weird to use anything other than blue and yellow.

  4. Domino has been in a few comics I’ve read but I never would have predicted how much the Deadpool movie increased her popularity. There’s no doubt the comic book design is gaudy but I do kind of like it. You painted her well, especially the face!

    • Thanks, that’s very kind of you. Especially in the early days I think that the comics used the uniforms to make up for the highly variable print quality so they needed to be very distinctive – however Domino has arguably the reverse situation where she has a very distinctive face but a rather bland costume.

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