Painted Amazing Spider-Man

This is Amazing Spider-Man for Crisis Protocol. He gets the title of ‘Amazing’ to clarify that he gets a different card from the other Peter Parker Spider-Man; the idea is that the ‘original’ Spider-Man represents Peter at the start of his superhero journey while this Amazing one is when he’s mastered his powers. As a result, Amazing Spider-Man is chock full of fun rules; he’s extraordinarily mobile even by the standards of the Web Warriors, his attacks have various cool riders to allow him to throw people around or move after the attack. He even has a Witty Banter superpower to make attackers re-roll their attack dice.

When I first picked up the mini for Amazing Spider-Man I felt that the mini was too busy and had moved way beyond having a tactical rock to stand on, instead having a full scenic base. But as I painted him, I really fell in love with the story of the base, and the sheer dynamism of the sculpt that fits the character perfectly. Painting Spider-Man himself was comparatively easy, albeit rather time consuming with the black lines on his suit. The explosion took a lot longer; I had no real idea how best to achieve the look of smoke and debris being expelled from a central explosive force. In the end I painted the bulk of it in grey apart from lines of yellow (deepest recesses) orange and finally black (further from the yellow) and gave the whole lot a wash with some orange ink. I then went over the grey and black parts with a thin coat of grey again, trying not to fully cover the orange tint. And finally I went back and reapplied the yellow in the recesses as it had been overpowered by the orange ink. The final result is still far from perfect, especially when magnified in these unflattering remorseless photos; however, it’s more than serviceable at tabletop range. I’m very pleased with the outcome here and I learned a lot working on Amazing Spider-Man.

Next on the painting table: Domino.

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10 thoughts on “Painted Amazing Spider-Man

  1. I like the whole thing. I think the explosion came out great! Aside from lack of game time and other models in the queue, the only other thing keeping me from this model is that he’s boxed with Black Cat, and I really don’t like the sculpt. But having a look at your Amazing Spider-Man, gives me hope that maybe later this year I just pick one up!

    • Thank you! It’s a really cool sculpt and much more fun to paint than I initially thought. And, of course, it’s Spider-Man, so it’s not a hard choice to pick up. Black Cat certainly does have a bit of a weird sculpt but for me the pack was worth it.

      I hear you about the game time, though. I have more minis than I will realistically be able to play with. It’s just as well that they’re fun to paint.

  2. Lovely job mate – that explosion is ace, as is the web-slinger himself! Brilliant 😊👍

  3. Very nicely done. You have to go a long way to beat spiderman. 🙂

  4. Very nice the explosion is great!

  5. This is a great sculpt. I like the scenery he is leaping away from a lot. Are the lines on his suit sculpted or did you freehand those? I’m guessing sculpted but either way, they look fantastic!

    • Thank you! I can’t take credit for the web markings on Spider-Man’s suit; they’re sculpted on. That said, they were still quite tricky to paint neatly.

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