Painted Cyclops

Here is Cyclops, another part of the classic X-Men line-up. Alongside Storm, he has one of the leadership abilities for the X-Men affiliation; however I don’t like his leadership at all as it doesn’t actually solve any of the issues that I have with the X-Men, namely that they have loads of cool superpowers and rarely enough power to use on them. Other than that, I really like Cyclops; he has a good ranged builder, an absolutely amazing spender attack called Optic Devastation and some cool mobility tricks for his team. My issue with him is the same as Storm – all the X-Men I actually own really want to play a stand-off game and use their ranged firepower without reprisals; however the game needs heroes to go and stand on Secure tokens to score. So I need to get some more brawlers than just Beast; there are some more being released in due course and of course I can use unaffiliated options. My next try will be with Black Dwarf, who I theorise will synergise very nicely with Storm’s leadership and give the X-Men some much needed short ranged punch.

I’m aware that Cyclops has been drawn in various costumes over the years but there was no question whatsoever that I was going to be painting him in classic blue and yellow. The yellow ended up taking a few layers to get a smooth look on but in the end I think that he looks great. I’m particularly pleased that I was able to get the red in his visor without my usual endless painting and repainting!

Next on the painting table: Shokkjump Dragsta (yet again).

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13 thoughts on “Painted Cyclops

  1. Mr. White

    Scott Summers is looking great to me! As the one who always organizes game nights, and other outings, I’ve always sympathized with the ‘boring’ leader characters. Cyclops from the X-men, Leonardo from the TMNT, etc.

    • Cheers Mr White! I’m also very much more of a fan of Cyclops, who I reckon gets a bad deal (in the films in particular) simply for not being Wolverine. The world needs more boring-but-reliable people like us and Cyclops, and fewer self-centred folks like Wolverine 😉

  2. He looks great mate! Loving the classic uniforms you’re producing 👍👍

    • Thanks Alex! Any cartoon-watching child of my vintage would have no question about which of the many X-Men uniforms are the best 🙂

  3. Looking good! If/when I get about to painting up some X-Men, I’m planning to stick with the classic look as much as the sculpts will allow! I think you captured the look perfectly! Just need the red beam shooting pout of his visor!!

    • Thank you Eric. It’s a pleasure to read your blog as you paint these excellent MCP minis alongside mine. I have actually seen a Cyclops somewhere with a 3d printed red eye-beam so it’s definitely an option.

  4. Very nice work on Scott, mate! This is definitely his classic uniform/costume though I wonder if MCP will release alternate costumes (either with different stats or just as fan service). I think that would be cool and anything that is display painter friendly would get my attention for sure 🙂

    • Cheers Kuribo. AMG have done a few characters with second sculpts, for example there are two different incarnations of Dr Strange and a few others. Currently most of these also have different rules in game. I think that there is also a set released with Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus which have the same rules as those in the core box but much cooler sculpts than the (admittedly rather pedestrian) ones from that first release.

      • That’s interesting to hear, mate. Thanks for the info. I’m all for improving on previous sculpts whenever a company can as well!

  5. Excellent work here, getting blue and yellow working well together as you have is no easy task. Looks great and I am glad you went with the classic colour scheme.

  6. That model looks cool. Well done – the visor looks great as well, I know that struggle and still can’t paint straight lines freehand 🙂

    • Thanks! I’d say that you and I are pretty much at the same level with these minis, so it’s quite comforting that I’m not the only one who finds it hard to draw a simple straight line 😉

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