Painted Deadpool

This is Deadpool, another superhero for Crisis Protocol. Deadpool is part of the X-Force and Avengers affiliations, and my friend Gareth has been playing him very effectively in the latter. His main draw, apart from amusingly named abilities like ‘bang’ for his handguns, is that Deadpool counts as healthy even on his injured side. This ability, combined with his healing abilities, makes me theorise that he could be very effective in a Criminal Syndicate team focussed around sitting on Secure points and racking up VPs while plugging away at attrition; however I haven’t tried this out yet. Most of Deadpool’s other kit is probably more cute than actually great, but he has some fun little quirks like not being moved by Mystic attacks due to his general craziness. In this regard, I guess he fits the general pattern within MCP of playing the way you would expect from the comics.

Deadpool was quite simple to paint; being largely comprised of black and red (actually I hadn’t realised until I picked him up how similar his costume is to Ant Man’s!) but was somehow highly satisfying to paint despite or perhaps because of this simplicity. Long-time readers of this blog will note the surprising lack of a tactical thingy for Deadpool to stand on; this is because he comes with a comedy rocket, complete with ‘Adam West Batman style’ Fwoosh wording and I just couldn’t get it to look good. In the end, I think that Deadpool looks quite nice enough just prancing happily on the pavement.

Next on the painting table: Bob, Agent of Hydra.

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14 thoughts on “Painted Deadpool

  1. Nicely done and my all time favourite character.

    • Cheers! I’ve been buying and painting of all the minis that Gareth and I are using for MCP. Most of the time he is stuck with the ones that I like but he specifically asked me to get Deadpool for just the same reason as you.

  2. I like the idea of having him dancing on the base, but I will admit that I was looking forward to seeing how you handled the Fwoosh and Rocket base!

    • I actually left the rocket off with the intention of using it for Black Cat. But when I got as far as assembling her, I just couldn’t make it look right. So the fwoosh and rocket remain in my bits box awaiting another opportunity for use.

  3. The rocket base sounds over the top and your pose I think is more inline with the movie Deadpool anyway. Great stuff.

    • Cheers! It’s certainly true that the rocket is over the top, but I feel that is quite on-brand for Deadpool too. I quite like that being only attached to the base ought to make him a bit easier to transport.

  4. I like Deadpool and the pose is a nice one too. Another splendid figure for your collection. 🙂

  5. Excellent 😊👍

  6. Deadpool is actually one of my least favorite Marvel characters but even with that said, I like what you did with him a lot. Its nice to see such a whimsical pose and it fits this character perfectly. Great job painting him and I look forward to Bob. I think (though I might be wrong!) that he’ll be yellow and that is always a tricky color to work with!

    • Thanks! I’m really with you about Deadpool – he’s pretty creepy in the comics and I feel like a lot of his popularity is because of how likeable Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal in the recent films has been.

  7. This looks great, I really like how the other colours from the rubbish on the base offset the simple colour scheme.

    • Thank you! I quite like the way that the scenery rubbish complements the costume scheme. Often with my minis this is by accident but this time it was intended.

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