Painted Beast

Here is Beast, my first X-Men miniature for Marvel Crisis Protocol. Of course Beast is also affiliated as an Avenger and an Inhuman, not to mention that team building in MCP is very permissive, but I like the X-Men and so it’s very cool that they’re in the game. He’s really fun and dynamic within the game; Beast’s attacks both have options for movement as part of them and he has a really cheap throw available. In fact, he continues the tendency of heroes in MCP playing like I feel that they should based on their comic book appearances.

I had a grand time painting Beast. He’s a classic X-Man from the cartoons of my childhood and the sculpt really reflects his character. In fact, there was also an alternate head with glasses and hand holding a book for him to read just like in the intro to the 90s cartoon, but I decided not to go that way. I did deviate slightly from Beast’s usual appearance by giving him black hair as when I initially painted it blue like the rest of his fur it just didn’t look right.

Next on the painting table: Deadpool.

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8 thoughts on “Painted Beast

  1. Bravo! I do like this Beast figure. I remember the comics from the mid to late 70’s having Beast with mostly black hair, so I think you choice to give him black hair works very well. when I get ’round this model it will be a coin toss on whether or not to go with the book reading sculpt or not.

    • Thanks! I didn’t know that about the black hair; I guess that every day is a school day. I was very tempted to use the book pose but I didn’t feel that the glasses looked right – they just never look like the rims are scaled properly.

  2. Another well posed figure and painted very nicely. 🙂

  3. Excellent – I always liked Beast 😊
    Great figure & lovely paint job mate, good call with the black hair 👍

    • Cheers, I like him in the game and in the cartoon – in the comics he’s quite often playing the role of immoral mad scientist, so he has a necessary but perhaps less likable part to play.

  4. I agree with Eric that the black hair was a good choice. I’ve seen Beast depicted that way too and I think it gives him a bit more of human look which most of his designs have. This is a nice looking mini and it has one of the better poses/supports for the superhero too. That looks like something Beast is likely to be doing in the game!

    • Thanks, I think that the hair looks better to break up the texture of the model. And I agree that the tactical thingy is rather fitting for Beast; I like it when AMG use thematic basing elements like for Kingpin and Mystique.

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