Painted Mystique

This is Mystique, the shape-shifting mutant from Marvel Crisis Protocol, although for all I know all other small-based MCP minis I’ve painted have also been her. Mystique’s main draw in the game is that reactive superpowers and cards can’t be used during her activation. So no Bodyguard from Okoye, no Age of Ultron from Ultron (obviously), no Vibranium Shield from Captain America. This makes her a pretty good assassin as most of the tricks to keep characters alive on a couple of wounds remaining are either reactive superpowers or cards. Mystique also has a character-specific Tactics card that forces an enemy character to approach her; this has numerous applications, notably moving someone into range to be beaten up by the rest of my team or getting them off a scoring point.

With her blue skin, Mystique was rather a different painting prospect than most of the heroes in MCP. I tried to keep the skin tone light as per the comics and card art though I note that in the various film appearances she tends to have much darker blue skin. I particularly enjoy the way that the blue skin, red hair and white clothes contrast with each other. It’s not very easy to tell in a photo but Mystique’s tactical junk on her base is a damaged sign for the Xavier school, which I think it quite a nice touch.

Mystique is a great example of why I love the X-Men so much. In many other series, she would just be a straight-up villain or at least antagonist. But the way that the X-Men is generally written, characters have often the same agenda (i.e. to improve the lot of Mutants, either specifically or in general) and their personalities define how they go about it. This allows the goodie and baddie teams to endlessly swap members as the short-term tactics and long-terms goals of the cast evolve.

Next on the painting table: Dr Strange.

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11 thoughts on “Painted Mystique

  1. I like the paler blue skin, it looks more like the villainess I remember from the comic-books!

  2. Another nice figure. 🙂

  3. Nice job mate – loving the blue skin!!

  4. I love the Xavier Institute sign on the base. That is a really cool touch by the sculptor. She looks great and I think Mystique is an awesome character as well. She is complicated and isn’t always evil. She also has her own reasons to not like and trust people which makes her believable. I hope you’ll paint some more X-Men minis in the future as they are a favorite of mine.

    • Cheers Kuribo!

      I’m really enjoying the X-Men; in fact I just played 5 games with them yesterday against a variety of other affiliations. Mystique isn’t actually in the X-Men affiliation but due to the way team building works in Crisis Protocol this is not a problem.

  5. ThenaRoss

    I Think Rosamund Pike, Olivia Wilde, Evan Rachel Wood would all be great choice as Mystique/Raven Darkhölme In MCU

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