Painted Proxima Midnight

This is Proxima Midnight, another member of the Black Order for Marvel Crisis Protocol. She’s a highly mobile assassin in the game with a long move and the ability to place next to her victims with a fairly long ranged attack. I often use her to skirmish around the edge of the main battle picking up objective tokens if possible as, while she’s quite resilient, she’s nowhere near as tough as Thanos and the rest of the crew. She’s also excellent for setting up kills for Corvus Glaive (more about him later) as they can chain-activate thanks to their husband and wife rules.

Painting Proxima was one of those times when everything just worked exactly as I had hoped – the colours I picked matched what I was looking for without having to spend ages messing with them, the white on her chest and arms came out smooth without having to apply millions of layers and even the little glow in the end of Proxima’s spear looked fine with little effort. I stuck with the card art for colour and I’m very happy with the result.

Proxima Midnight, like the rest of the Black Order, fares considerably better in the comics than she does in the MCU. In Hickman’s Infinity War, for example, she leads a successful invasion of first Atlantis and then Wakanda before the heroes get their act together and send her packing again; I like it when the baddies require a bit of work to deal with. Having criticised Avengers: Infinity War a bit for having rather lackluster villains (apart from Thanos himself), I will note that I love the scene in the film where Proxima and Corvus fight Vision and Scarlet Witch in Edinburgh. As my home city, the attention to detail is excellent and I especially enjoyed that the geography of the fight is consistent with how that part of Edinburgh is actually laid out.

Next on the painting table: Void Archon.

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14 thoughts on “Painted Proxima Midnight

  1. Hey there, your whites are looking good!

  2. Another fine figure for your collection. 🙂

  3. Lovely job pal, and yeah, that is a great fight scene!!

    • Thanks Alex. I realised that I come across here as being quite critical of the MCU but I actually really love them. And it’s super cool to have such an iconic fight scene set in your home city.

  4. Really clean and nice model there. Great stuff

  5. Very nice, I really like the gold, great definition on the arm with it.

  6. Proxima looks great! I really like her pose and while I didn’t know the character before the Avengers movies, I completely agree that the fight scene set in your native country was excellent. One of many highlights in that movie, in fact!

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