Painted Primaris Outriders

Here are a trio of Outriders, a unit for my slowly-ongoing Adeptus Astartes (or Space Marines, if you’re old-fashioned like me) force for Warhammer 40K. As you might expect from a team of motorbiking, sword-wielding post-humans, this lot are a highly mobile unit mainly focused on close-quarters fighting. Sadly, because of a combination of me being awful at the game and my constant poor choice of potential victims for the Outriders, the usual game proceeds with them zooming around a bit and shooting quite ineffectually, then charging into melee and being blended out of existence without achieving a great deal of anything. The standard unit size is three, but in Death Watch they can be added to Fortis Kill Teams and ride around in a group of up to five if they feel like it.

The Outriders were a unit that felt like a bit of a slog right until the last few touches of paint were applied when suddenly everything came together beautifully, and in the end I’m very pleased with the outcome. The riders were painted in the same white, black and green scheme as the rest of my Astartes. I eventually decided to make the bikes green; this would tie them into the Chapter colour scheme, keep them distinct from the predominantly white armour of the Space Marines and also not blur into the black of the tires.

Next on the painting table: Proxima Midnight.

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14 thoughts on “Painted Primaris Outriders

  1. Very nice indeed mate, you’ve done a great job on all three. 🙂

  2. Nicely done mate, those bikes are bonkers! 😁

  3. That’s a good looking group, mate! I feel like I do the same thing with fast moving units in Fallout. They move around impressively and then inevitably fail to make any real impact on the game. I imagine these guys took a bit of extra work because they’re like painting mounted fantasy minis and twice the amount of work or that is how I tend to look at it 🙂

    • Cheers Kuribo. Good point about counting them double; they are definitely the space equivalent of cavalry. I reckon that Outriders are probably pretty good in the game but sadly I’m awful at it – definitely user error here.

  4. Very nice, I think you made the right choice of having the bikes green, that force must be getting a decent size now!

    • Thanks very much, I’m pleased with the results. I actually did a bit of spray-undercoating this morning and have just 14 Astartes left in the Pile of Shame, so unless I decide to pick up some more (always possible) then I think that the end is in sight here. Of course, once I get them all done then I’ll set out a family photo for them all.

  5. Very nice. I’ve still got them just primed in a box as I just can’t face painting them at present.

    • Thanks! It’s definitely worth pressing ahead with the Outriders; they take a while before they look good but in the end they’re quite satisfying.

  6. Nice ones! In my only game to date, this guys were a beast!
    Some constructive criticism: Pick up the tires on a different color than black, or maybe vertically drybrush some tan dirt on them? Looking forward to see them all together!

    • Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I do have some blue on the tyres but clearly it’s not enough to pick them out from the rest of the bike. Definitely one to attend to next time.

      I think that your experience with Outriders is probably more typical of their performance; they’re widely held to be absolute monsters on the tabletop. I think that the most likely explanation is that I’m really bad at playing 40K! Still, I hope to get a bit better each time.

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