Painted Thanos, The Mad Titan

Here, probably needing no introduction in this MCU world, is the mighty Thanos. His incarnation in Marvel Crisis Protocol comes with the epithet ‘The Mad Titan’ in the normal two player mode but there is an alternate play mode in which two players team up against a procedurally driven (and vastly more powerful) Thanos at which point he gets a different name, presumably to differentiate the cards clearly. At 6 threat, even the ‘normal’ Thanos is a bit of a beast; interestingly I find that he’s best as a support and control piece rather than a direct damage dealer. His main draw is being able to take as many Infinity Gems as he likes and not having to pay power to use them. My favourite is to use the Mind Gem to either walk victims toward their doom (specifically, usually in the form of Corvus Glaive – more about him later) or away from scenario points, though the Time Gem for an extra action is also pretty amazing if you can afford it.

Thanos was an absolute joy to paint. Like the other big Crisis Protocol miniatures such as Hulk, Thanos has very nicely sculpted musculature which makes the painting so satisfactory even for a painter of my limited skills. I’ve used the colour scheme of the card art pretty much as it comes, right down to the rather weird metallic pants that Thanos seems to favour. I guess Titan has some odd fashions… or maybe that’s why they call Thanos ‘the mad’. Thanos does also come with a terrain piece to represent his throne but I passed that to a friend for painting in exchange for a couple of beers.

I very much enjoy Thanos as a baddy in the comics as, unlike so many others, he doesn’t come up with plans that can be defeated trivially and he’s rarely just depicted as a buffoon / punching-bag. Thanos gets to be the centre of a story line and it usually takes a lot of heroes (and in some cases, more than heroes) working together to defeat whatever his nefarious plans are.


Next on the painting table: Primaris Outriders.

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9 thoughts on “Painted Thanos, The Mad Titan

  1. Nicely done mate, suitably imposing!

  2. Nice job on a cool figure. 🙂

  3. Nice job! Love how you tied the metallic gold from the suit into the base rim!

    • Cheers Eric! Thanos comes (perhaps uniquely?) with his own specific base rather than the usual city pavements than come with MCP so it felt fitting to tie it in to the overall mini.

  4. Great sculpt and well-painted too! I like Thanos a lot after the Avengers movies and I agree with everything you said about him. This guy should be a blast to use in MCP! 🙂

    • Thank you! I can confirm that he’s loads of fun to play in MCP; I’ve had him leading the Black Order and splashed into Web Warriors so far. A friend has also tried Thanos in the Avengers where he loves Steve Rogers’ leadership.

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