Painted Ghost-Spider

This is Ghost-Spider, another character for Marvel Crisis Protocol. I have to admit that I’d always thought of her as Spider-Gwen before picking up this box so it was quite nice to find out that she has a proper superhero name. Like most of the other Web Warrior, Ghost-Spider is really mobile and can move other characters around. In her case, she can pull friendlies out of range of attacks using her Life Saver superpower. Although she is affiliated with Web Warriors (and at the moment I think I would have her and Spider-Miles in any Web Warriors team) she fits really nicely into a lot of other rosters as an unaffiliated option; the additional control that Ghost-Spider offers is pretty unusual in the game.

I tried to keep the white on Ghost-Spider’s costume cleaner than usual but I couldn’t quite get it as smooth as I’d hoped. Not that I’m unhappy with the result as I think that the final miniature looks more than good enough for gaming purposes, but rather I feel that I could learn to go a bit further with the white. The pink webbing on the blue part of her arms was exactly as painful to paint as it looks; after several frustrating attempts I got as far as ‘that’ll do’ and actually I hope that the worst of the mistakes are on the lower side where they’re not so obvious.

Next on the painting table: Thor

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8 thoughts on “Painted Ghost-Spider

  1. I have her and Miles in the box, so I’m looking forward to using your post as a guide to where I might run afoul of the tiny details! I to struggle with white. If I might offer a suggestion. Don’t start with white. Base coat with your mid-tone color, for white that is usually a very light grey for me, then work darker grey or a wash into the shadows and work up to lighter and lighter grey for your highlights, leaving actual white for the highest of the highlights.
    I do like the way she turned out and the pink webbing looks well done!

    • Thanks, that is really good advice. I’ve usually gone white, then a black wash then built up from there. It works ok for a dirty white but obviously less well for a nice clean colour that I was hoping for here.

      I’m looking forward to seeing your take on this pair; they both paint up very satisfyingly.

  2. That’s a lovely figure & nicely done mate!

  3. White and black on the same mini is tough! Truthfully, Spider-Gwen is a character I know nothing about though I do know she is one of the more popular recent characters because she has stuck around where others have not. I look forward to seeing Thor!

    • Cheers Kuribo. She, like most incarnations of Spider-Man, is a very likable character which must be a part of her ongoing popularity.

  4. I must admit to having never heard of her, but great model all the same

    • Cheers. She’s in the recent (ish) Into The Spider-Verse film, which I highly recommend. To cut a long story short, she comes from one of a series of alternate universes in which people other than Peter Parker get bitten by radioactive spiders and gain superpowers. I’m not mad about the comics but I assume that her story is more or less the same there too.

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