Painted Spider-Man

Here is Spider-Man for Marvel Crisis Protocol. This one is Miles Morales (the core box Spider-Man is Peter Parker) and so, due to the way that roster-building works in MCP I could have both Spider-Mans (Spider-Men?) in the same team as they have different ‘real’ names. Spider-Man is really dynamic and the rules fit the character well. He can move a long way, has a web-swinging superpower to move further, and does more damage on his builder attack if he moves first as he uses his momentum to smash into baddies. Unusually, Spider-Man has an ability to make enemies drop mission tokens using his spender attack; normally this can only be done by dazing or KOing them. Finally, Spider-Man is one of the leaders of the Web Warriors affiliation which gives him an extra role when it comes to team building.

I have to admit that I thought I’d hate painting Spider-Man as the webs on his suit are really fiddly to work with. But I resigned myself to doing it very slowly and patiently and in the end I’m really pleased with the result. There is certainly something very cool about the black and red costume. I think that the box he’s very athletically vaulting is a newspaper dispenser of a kind that doesn’t really exist in my country. I assume that it isn’t normally found in the middle of roads but I’m limited by the bases provided and ultimately in a game of magic people throwing each other into cars I don’t bother too much about what looks realistic.

I had not been aware of Miles Morales as a character until I took my son to see Into The Spider-Verse a few years ago and was delighted by the character and indeed the whole film. I loved that Miles has similar anxieties about growing up to Peter Parker but without just being the same person. And the ‘leap of faith’ scene is one of my favourite superhero film moments.

Next on the painting table: Ghost-Spider.

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11 thoughts on “Painted Spider-Man

  1. A splendid job mate, he’s come out really looking the business.🙂

  2. Noice!!

  3. Well sir, taking your time on those red webs certainly paid off – well done! Having grown up in and around a large US city, those old Newspaper Boxes where a thing, and you’re correct, they are bolted to the side walk or up against a building. I would be nice if they supplied him with a base with more sidewalk and less street.

    • Thanks for the kind words. You’re right about the bases; while I like the theming I do sometimes think that the tactical rocks etc look a bit weird in the middle of a road. It’s even odder when you consider the stuff like Killmonger’s statue or Nebula’s crashed spaceship.

  4. Wow, that webbing design looks hellishly tricky to paint. Looking good though! 

    • Thanks! The webbing is slightly embossed so it’s not like I can claim to have done it freehand but it was still a bit of a pain.

  5. I think this is your best MCP mini yet! The details like the webbing really came out nicely and I think you nailed the look of Miles’ suit. One suggestion I might make is to consider getting a bit more light on your minis when you take pictures. I use a couple of cheap desk lamps that you can bend into whatever shape you want and they really help. I think adding a bit more light will really show off your paint work.

    Finally, as an American who has visited New York City many times, I can confirm that those old newspaper dispensers are relatively uncommon in most cities nowadays. You see them less and less because most people who still read newspapers subscribe and have them delivered so there’s no need to sell them that way. Marvel seems have nostalgia for these types of things and they still show up in comics too for some reason.

    • Thanks. That’s a good idea to add some extra light; for some reason I just always figured that the lightbox should somehow be ‘enough’ on its own. I’ll try it out for the future.

      I appreciate the extra local knowledge about the newspaper dispenser too. I guess that Spider-Man needed something of a suitable scale to parkour over and this fits the bill nicely. I should be glad that it’s not just another pile of rocks!

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