Painted Ebony Maw

This is Ebony Maw for Marvel Crisis Protocol. He’s one of Thanos’s lieutenants and in the MCU he’s the only one who gets to be more than a punching bag for the goodies. In game, he’s a powerhouse when he can use his abilities but has more of them to use than his power generation allows. I haven’t tried it yet but I theorise that he’d be a good Avenger since Steve Rogers’ leadership would benefit his power usage immensely and make him a complete pain to take down. Ebony Maw also brings the option of the tactics card Shhh which can just turn off an enemy superpower at a key moment; playing this at the right time could win the game for you.

Ebony Maw was a lot of fun to paint. I went for a slightly more blue scheme than the card art (which is more predominantly black in accordance with his name I suppose) as the darker shade just wasn’t working for me with the yellow and white on his tabard. I did spend a lot of time frustratingly correcting my errors staying in the lines of the stripey bits of his clothes and I suspect that this still doesn’t really bear up to close scrutiny but it’s good enough for me at tabletop distance. Also unusually for me, I painted the Maw’s eyes – I felt that they really added to the creepy otherworldliness he has going on.

Next on the painting table: Hulk.

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7 thoughts on “Painted Ebony Maw

  1. He looks like a smug prick – nice job capturing that! 😁👍

  2. Very dark indeed! I have to agree that the eyes pull the whole think together!

  3. Wow, he is a thin and kind of frail looking model! I would say that he doesn’t translate as well to mini form because he is physically weak and casts magic mostly as some of the other Marvel characters but its cool to see you get him painted all the same. I think his gray skin tone looks nice and reminds me of the MCU version.

    • Haha, I think that it’s more the case that everyone else in the game is totally ripped whereas Ebony Maw is kind of similar in build to those of us spending less time in the gym.

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