Painted Captain America

Captain America probably needs no introduction but here he is for Marvel Crisis Protocol. Steve Rogers is the last mini from the starter box but has been languishing half-painted for over a year since my daughter wanted to paint him up (she also painted Black Widow and Red Skull) but lost interest partway through. She finally told me that I could finish him of so here he is. Not surprisingly, Captain America is one of the leaders of the Avengers affiliation and he plays a lot like he does in the comics; mainly orchestrating other people to do the flashy stuff while protecting his team. Captain America is one of a minority of characters who gets slightly different rules on his injured side, picking up I Can Do This All Day to count blanks in defence. This makes him ridiculously hard to drop and means that he gets a lot of stuff scenery thrown at him since a dodge roll isn’t a defence roll.

Like most of the Crisis Protocol figures I made an effort to stick with Captain America’s card art while painting him. In this case I also tried to keep as true to my daughter’s painting as possible – I wanted to finish her work rather than start again. I’m quite pleased with the final result here; the miniature, like the character, isn’t flashy but it’s very iconic and likeable.

Next on the painting table: Ebony Maw.

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10 thoughts on “Painted Captain America

  1. How many mini from MCP have you finished now?

    • About 20 so far, but I have more in the queue. They’re really nice to paint and each individual plays very differently. Plus I’m mainly sharing my minis with a friend so it’s useful to have a variety for us to choose from.

  2. Really nicely done mate 👍👍

  3. Very nice. 🙂

  4. The combined Dad and Daughter paint jobs look vey good to me

    • Cheers! I will admit that I had hoped that we could do more of this together but I also don’t want to be pressuring her into doing my hobby for my benefit. So she dips in and out according to her whims.

  5. Steve Rogers looks great and like he is in the middle of an intense battle with the dirt on his uniform and shield. I hope he ends up being fun to use on the tabletop as well!

    • Thanks very much! We’ve had a lot of fun with Captain America, both leading teams that are mechanically good (ie intended to play the game tightly) and thematic with Winter Soldier, Iron Man et al. As mentioned he’s not great a dodging thrown scenery so when dies in the game it’s usually caused by a taxi to the face.

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