Painted Assault Intercessors

These fine ladies are Assault Intercessors for my Space Marines / Adeptus Astartes force in Warhammer 40K. They’re the spiritual successors of old-fashioned Assault Marines, though for whatever reason they don’t come with the jump packs that were the main draw for their inclusion in armies in the first place. Nonetheless, Space Marines are as tough as nails and do just fine at close quarters and melee so this loadout of pistol and sword is quite fitting. In the event that I play Death Watch, the only downside of Assault Intercessors is that they don’t fit into any Kill Teams. Luckily, recent experience is telling me that I’m utterly terrible at 40K so I’ve stopped worrying about the relative power of any of my army options and just gone with rolling the dice with friends.

I adore the dynamism of the sculpts for the Assault Intercessors; though it is true that a close friend of mine quite uncharitably (but accurately) refers to them as ‘skippies’ since they look like they’re frolicking into battle. The heads here are mostly from Shapeways and I’m really impressed with the quality of the printing; I’d recommend them for anyone wanting to mix up their GW armies with alternative heads. The paint scheme is, of course, the same as my previous Space Marines. On the one hand, I do love the look of a fully painted coherent army. But on the other, more pertinent hand, I find it a bit of a drag to paint essentially the same scheme on 50ish models. Character driven skirmish games are my preference these days for that reason among others.

Next on the painting table: Boomdakka Snazzwagon.

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7 thoughts on “Painted Assault Intercessors

  1. Excellent – and thumbs up on the ‘chuck some dice & have a laugh’ attitude! I wish more people had that view, nowt more tragic than someone taking their toy soldiers too seriously 😂

    • Cheers Alex!

      I have to admit that I remain a filthy try-hard at some games so I haven’t quite moved over to the casual side of The Force. But 40k is so poorly balanced and shallow that it is the perfect game for telling stories, throwing dice and drinking beer (or, in our case, eating choc-ices) with friends. The world is large enough to accommodate both types of game and it’s easy to have a pre-game chat to decide how we will approach any particular match-up. In games with people I don’t know well it’s especially important to have that conversation so we’re both on the same page.

  2. Skippies is a pretty great name for these 😀 I agree with you that having fun is what wargaming should be about. The super competitive side of the hobby does become a bit grating at times.

    • Cheers!

      I actually really enjoy the competing side of wargaming and have been to plenty of Malifaux tournaments. I’m planning to attend an MCP event when a convenient one comes along . My experience is that as long as everyone agrees on the ‘purpose’ of the game then everyone can be happy. And despite reading some truly horrible tales about people’s behaviour in a tournament I have almost never seen anything in person that struck me as problematic.

      • That’s good to hear! I find the min/maxing and the way you have to buy a lot of stuff to keep up with the meta in many games to be a bit of a turn off, but I know people who go to tournaments with miniatures they know can’t win just for the fun of playing so what do I know? 🙂

        • Haha, yes. The world is broad and wide and there is plenty of room for everyone to be happy.

          I’ll note that ‘keeping up with the meta’ is much more achievable in a skirmish game where I might pick up an extra character or two here and there (and I like to paint anyway) compared to GW’s big battle games like 40k where one might expect to move to a whole new army or want several new units or vehicles.

          • That is well said! There is no doubt that skirmish games are easier in that regard. Having to constantly get new armies is just madness, though I doubt GW would have it any other way! 😀

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