Painted Black Panther

This is Black Panther for Marvel Crisis Protocol, the third member of the Wakanda affiliation that I’ve painted after Okoye and Shuri. Not surprisingly he’s the leader of the Wakandans (though he does also have Avengers affiliation) so if I’m playing Wakanda then I’m certainly taking him. Not that ‘having’ to take Black Panther in my team is any kind of hardship since he’s a mobile control tank – hard to damage, gets around quickly (and can throw himself at people for even more mobility) and can push his targets around after punching them. I find Black Panther a very fun character to play and I’m keen to spend more time using the Wakandans on the tabletop, especially since I usually find I’m putting Okoye and Shuri into A-Force teams first.

Painting Black Panther was simplicity itself since he’s almost all one colour. I painted the suit black and then gave it a pretty heavy highlight in purple to bring out the contours before hitting it with the magic of Citadel’s Nuln Oil wash. The other bling on his suit was one of the few times I’ve deviated from the card art; all that jewellery type stuff is silvery-grey on the card but it wasn’t standing out enough for me so I’ve gone with a bright yellow to pop the colours a bit more. Another disadvantage of that black suit is that it’s hard to get a decent photo of the king.

Next on the painting table: Shokkjump Dragsta.

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10 thoughts on “Painted Black Panther

  1. Looks really good and black is a hard colour to paint/photograph well as you say.

    • Thanks. Now that I’m looking again at the pictures, blown up hugely compared to the size of the actual mini, of course I see so much that I could have done better. But he’s good enough for gaming and that will do for me.

      • Ha, I do that way too much. Blog posts and photo’s always seem to look worse than the model in real life.

  2. Yeah, lovely job mate – Wakanda Forever!!

  3. Its good to see him painted up, mate. He is a great character and I like how you upgraded him to gold jewelry. It is only fitting for a king!

    • Thank you! I think in general that I prefer my comic characters to be brightly attired, despite (or perhaps because of) it making them somewhat ridiculous if you imagined them walking down the street dressed like that.

      Black Panther as a character is quite interesting; in the MCU he is very positively portrayed compared to the more aloof person in some of the comics I’ve read. He is certainly not particularly likable in Hickman et al’s Infinity sequence although in fairness it doesn’t paint some other fan favourites (especially Iron Man, Beast and Mr Fantastic) in a very shining light either.

      • I know what you mean about Black Panther in the comics versus the movies. There is definitely a big shift between the two and I think Marvel (wisely) picked a very likable and wholesome version of the character for the movies. One of these days, I will get Marvel Unlimited again and read some of the Black Panther comics available because that is one character I’ve barely read about!

        • I’m using Crisis Protocol as an excuse to pick up comics featuring some of the characters I’m painting. It works less well with minor characters and villains of course, both of whom tend to spend a lot of time being punched by the heroes and not getting an opportunity to have much of a personality.

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