Painted Kult of Speed

Since I’ve painted one of each of these Ork buggies for Warhammer 40,000 I felt that it would be a good time to share a ‘family photo’. The buggies are actually pretty cheap in the game so this lot only comes out at about 500 points; for context we usually play 1000 points and I think that the tournament standard is 2000 points. This was a really entertaining project so I do have some more further down the queue. Vroom vroom!

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17 thoughts on “Painted Kult of Speed

  1. I do love the Orc buggies. They just look so good and are the one thing that would get me to play them in 40K. Great group shot

  2. Really cool. I still haven’t even built mine

    • Thank you. I found that they all really benefit from being left in sub-assemblies before painting. I’ve done all the riders separately and most of them have had 5 or 6 further bits before I glue the whole mess together at the end.

  3. Enjoyed seeing these, a great group shot. 🙂

  4. Brilliant 😁👍

  5. These look great all together. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more when you get around to them!

  6. Great work, I do miss GorkaMorka for the buggies.

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