Painted Steelhead Gunners

Here are a pair of Steelhead Gunners, solos for my Mercenary force in Warmachine. Apart from their scoring utility as cheap solos, their main purpose is to support the artillery pieces in the Soldiers of Fortune theme which in my case would mainly be my Steelhead Cannons. But actually I have to say that I’ve not really found even having one of these little chaps is a very effective use of points; they improve the damage and accuracy of the Cannons but in general I’m looking to use the Cannons to knock down low-defence pieces anyway and I just don’t need more support bloat in my forces.

The sculpts for the Gunners are identical but helpfully the helmet is a separate piece and the unhelmeted head looks like just a bald head anyway so that helps them to look a bit different. The colour scheme was the same green and yellow coats as for my other Steelheads and I was pleased to gets the Gunners painted up nice and quickly. As an aside, it looks like they were sculpted by someone who has never seen a moustache up close (or maybe it’s just that, as Rhulfolk, their facial hair doesn’t grow like humans) since their moustaches grow up the sides of their noses rather than across their upper lips.

Next on the painting table: Deffkilla Wartrike.

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6 thoughts on “Painted Steelhead Gunners

  1. Tidy job mate! nice that the helm can be left off for a bit of variety – just enough to change the silhouette & set them apart.

    • Cheers! I don’t think that it is intended that there are two (even slightly) different poses here but it worked out well for me.

  2. That facial hair sculpting is very odd. They’re great sculpts other than that and you did a great job painting these up!

    • Thanks. These ones are in normal resin and not the horrible restic stuff that PP usually use so they were nice to paint up.

  3. Great work but I will say I hate the lack of variety in warmahorde figure poses.

    • Thank you, I have to agree. I think it wasn’t such a problem in the past but the scale of games has gradually increased over the years so now it’s really common to have multiples of the same solo in a force. That said, I don’t think that Gunners bring enough to the table to actually play with two at a time.

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