Painted Okoye

This is Okoye for Marvel Crisis Protocol. She’s in the Wakanda and A-Force affiliations at the moment which are two of my favourites but one of the many great things about MCP is that any character can got in any team. Since Okoye is one of the cheapest characters in the game at two threat, it’s really easy to find a space for her either in or out of affiliation. Okoye brings a nice Bodyguard utility to keep more expensive heroes alive longer, or perhaps more importantly to stop them from suffering any debilitating status conditions. However, she’s just a normal human in a game full of wizards, gods and super-soldiers so she’s not especially hard to deal with.

I enjoyed painting Okoye a lot. I’m not familiar with the Blank Panther comics at all so my main knowledge of the character comes from the MCU films. My poor photography doesn’t really show it but her face is a perfect match for the actor playing her in the films and I can’t tell if this is because the miniature is sculpted based on the actor or if the casting in the film is perfect. Either way, I kept Okoye in her canon colours of red and bronze and I’m really happy with the outcome.

As an aside, long term readers might recall that I expressed that I wasn’t really satisfied with the way that I’d painted some of the earlier MCP minis, notably Iron Man and Vision. Now that some time has passed, and more importantly that I’ve actually had a chance to play with them on the tabletop where they’re several feet away rather than being held up close to my face, I’ve come around on the results and am really happy with the way that they look in the game. I’m still privileged to play in an area where my minis are usually the least well painted (anyone less good than me just doesn’t bother to paint at all but rather plays with bare plastic) but the satisfaction that I get from putting down a painted army/crew/team is well worth the effort put into the painting.

Next on the painting table: Megatrakk Scrapjet.

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3 thoughts on “Painted Okoye

  1. Nicely done mate – I love that she has a suitably haughty pose!

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