Painted Nebula

Here is Nebula, another superhero (antihero, villain?) for Marvel Crisis Protocol. Perhaps not completely surprisingly, Nebula is highly focussed on stabbing people in the game. Indeed, she comes quite cheap as she has a rule preventing her from interacting with scenario elements. In some ways this is quite liberating as I never have to worry about whether she should stop stabbing and do more to score points; on the other hand, scoring points is how one goes about winning the game. Testing is definitely needed! I feel like I never really saw much of Nebula in the comics I read; she’s always been just a punching bag for other baddies (notably Thanos in one of the Infinity War runs) and doesn’t get to showcase her own powers. Presumably there is a sequence somewhere that really centres on her so please feel free to direct me to any good comics. I do really like her in the MCU films; for someone who pretty much only exists to fight people she gets a lot of good lines.

I greatly enjoyed painting Nebula. Those who read this blog regularly will know that I do love a dynamic sculpt and she certainly has that, literally attached to the ‘tactical crashed spaceship’ by only the side of her foot. Somehow in Nebula’s case painting a comic-style colour scheme felt easy and just ‘worked’, which is a bit of a contrast to some other heroes I’ve worked on, most notably Vision. I went with the card art rather than the (slightly) less crazy colours of the film version and I’m extremely pleased with the end result.

Next on the painting table: Primaris Librarian.

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6 thoughts on “Painted Nebula

  1. Very nicely done mate, you’ve nailed the skin tone beautifully!

  2. Nicely done figure and I love the pose. 🙂

  3. Nebula looks very nice indeed. The darker colors fit her somberness in the movies really well, I’d say!

    • Thanks very much. I really enjoyed the different skin colours that she has, though it rubbish to find how bad I am at painting the straight lines on her head.

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