Painted She-Hulk

Here is She-Hulk for Marvel Crisis Protocol. I wasn’t much of a fan until I stumbled across the A-Force run of comics and really enjoyed them, so I’ve picked up her incarnation in Crisis Protocol to get some of that energy on the table top (though I think that Captain Marvel is the only other member with a model at the moment). She-Hulk is pretty unusual in the game in that she only has a healthy card side – when she runs out of health then she’s done. Luckily she does have a lot of health to chew through.

The miniature was a lot of fun to paint; AMG are getting very good at sculpts that show the character off as a superhero, and what could be more fitting than this show of strength? Like most of the Crisis Protocol miniatures, I’ve gone with the card art for my colour scheme. I’m still not entirely satisfied with She-Hulk’s skin tone – I feel it could be a bit lighter but it is good enough for me.

Next on the painting table: Eliminators.

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15 thoughts on “Painted She-Hulk

  1. Nice job mate, she looks suitably mean and green!

  2. Nice, I like the way you’ve done the scuffed metal on the girder – it’s worked really well.

    • Thanks very much. I’ve seen loads on conversions with her throwing all sorts of stuff (a TARDIS was my favourite!) but the girder is the bit the comes in the box.

  3. Well done! I prefer the less bulky muscle look for her, but it also makes sense that she would be big. Hopefully she makes it to the MCU movies soon. Seems like she would be a perfect fit!

    • Thanks very much. I think the sculptors have done a good job here; she looks very much like the modern comic book versions. She’s pretty huge too – that’s a 60mm base she’s standing on.

      I think I heard that some kind of mini-series is planned for She-Hulk but I’m not sure if there is any more than speculation in it.

      • Wow, didn’t realize that’s a 60mm base. Would be cool to see her side by side with the Hulk. I remember hearing something about She Hulk, but I thought it was going to be a cartoon. Hopefully they do something live action instead. Even if it was just a cameo in the movies, It would be pretty cool.

        • Hulk does indeed have a mini for MCP, though I don’t own him yet. I think he also comes with a narrative mission where two ‘normal’ teams of superheroes work together to take him down so that’s quite a draw.

          The She-Hulk show I had seen rumoured was a live action one. I believe that there was a specific actor mentioned for the title role, although it was no-one that I had heard of. There are so many superhero programmes and films at the moment that I couldn’t hope to keep track them all.

          • Wow, that’s cool to hear that it would be live action. Probably something for me and the youngest to watch, as she loves the girl superheroes. That sounds pretty cool about the Hulk mini/mission. There was a comic run where the Hulk went mindless and the Avengers had to take him down. Well, I imagine that scenario has happened many a times now over the years, but I thought it was particularly cool the way John Byrne had done it at the time.

            • Here is the link for the proposed show. I don’t follow movies enough to know if this is just a wish list or not.

              I got a game of Crisis Protocol in with my best friend yesterday and he loved it so I think that there is a fair bit more of it coming. We’ll try the Ultron team encounter soon.

              • Thanks! Did you ever happen to play Heroclix? If so, how do you feel that Crisis Protocol compares?

                • Actually I haven’t tried it. I think it was only popular in America; I’ve never seen or even heard of anyone playing Heroclix in the UK.

                  • Yea, they seemed to sell like hotcakes over here. The system was simple enough. The only bad thing was the ‘random boxes collector’ aspect. That’s costly and annoying.

  4. Very nicely done. I love the sculpt as well. It fits her character and the miniatures game extremely well!

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