Painted Infiltrators

The five soldiers are Infiltrators, another unit of Troops my Space Marine (Adeptus Astartes) force in Warhammer 40,000. Like the Incursors (with whom I constantly confuse them) the Infiltrators are most notable for, er, infiltrating the battlefield. Apart from some interesting deployment options they’re remarkably similar to the Intercessors in game. However, if I play as Deathwatch they do form the basis of a Spectrus kill team.

These fine women are, of course, wearing the same armour colours as my other Space Marines; i.e. white armour with black equipment and green trimmings. The use of alternative heads continues to make a big difference to how engaged I am with the painting and I find it quite remarkable how much Space Marines are a like a canvas onto which to paint my own story. I’ve been trying Martian Iron Earth paint for the basing which has been quite an interesting experience. Getting the right amount of it on the base is a bit of an art in its own right, and I’ve taken to painting a dark brown on the base as the previous step in case the crackle ends up with a gap that goes down to the plastic. I’m working on the basis that it must be a bit dusty and therefore not worrying too much when my clumsy application smears a bit of the technical paint on the shoes of a Space Marine.

Next on the painting table: She-Hulk.

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4 thoughts on “Painted Infiltrators

  1. Nicely done mate – I applaud the head swaps! They scale very nicely & change the character entirely

  2. Agree with Alex, nicely done. 🙂

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