Painted Incursors

Here are five Incursors for my Space Marine (Adeptus Astartes) force in Warhammer 40,000. These soldiers are wearing Phobos armour which is always described as being lighter in order to facilitate sneakiness but is actually exactly as effective as everyone else’s power armour in the game. The Incursors are weighed down with a variety of cameras and lenses, apparently to represent their use of technology to further their excellence in genocide. Actually I have to admit that I rather preferred the original depictions of Space Marines in the setting of the early 90s; they were always described as unhinged liabilities best pointed in the right direction and given a wide berth thereafter. The later (and modern) version of them as only mildly crazed warrior monks is somehow just less amusing.

The Incursors received the same white, black and green colours of the other Space Marines, but I did enjoy adding a bit of red and blue onto the various lenses they’re carrying. The decals on the shoulder pads are courtesy of Chapter Creator (edit: my mistake, it’s actually Chapter Customizer) and I had forgotten how much of a pain it is to put a 2D decal onto a 3D surface like a pauldron. Luckily the mess isn’t too noticeable at tabletop range, though it does grate a bit in these photos.

Next on the painting table: MODOK.

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5 thoughts on “Painted Incursors

  1. Nice! The tank people have decals figured using softener products that make them extra bendy… But I gave up pauldrons! I tried making cuts on them, so it cold fold into the impossible three-directional curve… But it got messy. I see the straight parts lifted, here… What I would like to have, thanks to 3d printers, or maybe with well planed molding, is not a set of 3d emblems or whole pauldrons as they make… But a “negative-space” stencil that could be placed and then traced with real paint… One can dream!

    • Thanks! I did start to consider making a few small cuts to somehow make the decals conform better to the 3D shape but in the end decided that the result was ‘good enough’.

  2. Very nice job. I keep meaning to pick up the Phobos starter set but there’s always something else that takes priority! What is the chapter creator?

    • Thanks. They’re pretty fun sculpts; there are also tonnes of spare bits of bling (grenades, holsters, pouches etc) that you add on but I felt that they were getting too busy with all of that stuff.

      My mistake about Chapter Creator – it is actually Chapter Customizer ( They make decals and that kind of stuff to personalise your Space Marines. I think that they have a service where can can provide your own art and they’ll create the decals for you but these are ‘off the shelf’.

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