Painted Intercessors

Here are a squad of Intercessors, part of a Space Marine (or Adeptus Astartes if we’re being posh) army for Warhammer 40,000. They’re basic troops and, while still elite by most standards, aren’t really laden down too much with silly rules. These ones are armed with auto bolt rifles (you can tell by the box magazine) which gives them more shots at a reduced power. When I originally purchased these I had it in my head to play them as the Deathwatch, in which case these would be the first members of a Fortis kill team.

I deliberately didn’t paint the Intercessors in any specific Chapter’s heraldry on the basis that it would be less confusing if I later want to move them to represent any other Chapter in the game. As it happens, they ended up looking a bit like the Mentor Legion but I’m not aiming for that look specifically. Originally I just tried the combination of white and black for the armour colour but, perhaps not surprisingly, that looked rather dull and monotone so I’ve added green kneepads and pauldron rims. The heads are a mix of Statuesque and Shapeways, though I think that this particular batch are all from Statuesque. It’s been quite fun painting up something as iconic in modern wargaming as a Space Marine; I think that the last ones I did came from Space Crusade.

Next on the painting table: Incursors.

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5 thoughts on “Painted Intercessors

  1. Pfff! They look incredible! And the same happen to me… I ended up painting Mentors looking for a rewarding scheme! Please, do more!

    • Thanks for your kind words; it means a lot coming from someone as talented as you, There are definitely more of these coming, though I’m not sure it’ll ever be a competent force on the tabletop.

      • Sush… Just a lucky fast learner who picked some tricks after thirty years. But thanks!
        What’s a tabletop, anyways? I never found anyone willing to go beyond Necromunda… True battles are within our mind!

  2. Very nicely done. 🙂

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