Painted Tharn Whitemane

Here is a Tharn Whitemane, another solo for the Devourer’s Host theme force of the Circle Orboros army in Hordes. I assume that the idea here is that the Whitemane has retained his badass-ery while becoming wiser, so along with being a decent melee solo he also brings Veteran Leader to help other Tharn with their accuracy. Amusingly, this also applies to Tharn who presumably outrank him like the Warcasters Iona and Kromac. I quite like the Whitemane but somehow never seem to find the space to fit him into my lists.

Painting the Whitemane was a joy. The sculpt is so much cleaner than the Tharn Ravager units I recently struggled with, although you can see in the side-on photos where the mould has slipped a bit and misaligned the front and back of the cast. The real loser here is my photography – I was trying some playing around with the light balance but couldn’t get it not to blur. I have a few more things to try out before I ask my sister-in-law for a bit of help as she’s much more of a photographer than me.

Next on the painting table: Fiona the Black.

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6 thoughts on “Painted Tharn Whitemane

  1. Looking good

  2. Nice work. I didn’t realise how 3-D that sculpt is until I saw the side shots!

    • Thanks. Privateer Press have a lot of work to do to catch up with GW and others but sometimes they do really make the most of their sculpting abilities.

  3. He came out well and I like the hair in particular. It lives up to his name!

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