Painted Ghordson Driller

This is a second Ghordson Driller for my Warmachine Mercenaries. I have three in my current Ossrum1 list, so hopefully I can find where I put the third kit before face-to-face gaming restarts!

I kept the paint scheme very similar to the first Driller, mixing up where I put the accent colours a little. My hope is that when they’re all on the table together it’ll look like the Warjacks have all come from the same factory but without them actually being identical. Since there are only four colours and no fiddly details, painting the Driller was a lovely simple palette-cleanser between more complex living miniatures.

Next on the painting table: Tharn Whitemane.

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10 thoughts on “Painted Ghordson Driller

  1. Wow, very cool. I love the giant drill.

    • Thanks. Rhulfolk are the Dwarf archetype of the Warmachine setting, in the sense that they are short and like mining. So the idea is that this Warjack is re-purposed from mining duties.

  2. Another absolute bruiser – nice one dude!

  3. Simple but very effective, nicely done. 🙂

  4. I’m with IRO, the drill looks impressive on this mini. The color scheme looks great on this kind of robot/mech too!

  5. Nice work! I always like deep greens along with copper colours. That drill is the business as well!

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