Painted Tharn Ravagers

Here is the second (of two) unit of Tharn Ravagers for my rather sporadic Circle Orboros army in Hordes.

I painted these Ravagers in basically the same way as the previous unit, with the exception that the robes are blue rather than green. I’m sure it’s not ‘realistic’ for my giant cannibal supermen to have different brightly coloured clothes for each group, but it makes them easier to use on the tabletop as I can tell at a glance which unit each one belongs too. It’s also more fun than painting everything brown which would probably be a more useful colour for forest-based hunters to wear. It was definitely a mistake for me to paint all twelve in one go but I’m very glad to be able to tick this lot off the ‘to do’ list.

I think that the outside members in this trio are the closest I came to duplicates over both units of Ravagers; they’re differentiated only by the colour of their axe head.  Of course, this has no impact in the game but it would annoy me to have a unit of six models of which two were identical.

The leader of the Ravagers, as is customary in Privateer Press’s miniatures, can be distinguished by having a unique sculpt and wearing more bling (in this case, bones) than the rest of the unit.  I actually have a pair of Ravager Chieftains still in the pile who can be added to the unit to command them, but that is a story for another day.

Next on the painting table: Battle Boar (for real this time).

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7 thoughts on “Painted Tharn Ravagers

  1. Nicely done and changing the colour scheme has worked well too.

    • Thanks. It mainly helps to differentiate the units on the tabletop; being a bit more interesting to paint is just a happy side effect.

  2. This is a good looking group and I’m glad you were able to power through these pesky sculpts as well!

  3. These look cool – I’m always seeing WMH models and thinking of how they can be used in my Warhammer-ish forces 🙂

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