Painted Tharn Ravagers

Here is a unit of Tharn Ravagers, heavy infantry for my Devourer’s Host in the Circle Orboros force of Hordes. They’re highly resistant to small arms fire having a nice combination of Rapid Healing, Tough and Steady (at least when the Ravager Shaman is at hand); even a big hit will be shrugged off if they can pass a Tough roll. Unfortunately the prevalence of anti-healing rules in general and Void Archons in particular has made these chaps a bit less scary than they once were. I’ve enjoyed them greatly with Morvahna2 as she can use her Feat to bring a load of them back into play; this can be back-breaking as they’re not easy to kill in the first place.

I really, really hated everything to do with painting the Ravagers. Firstly, I bought them as part of a second hand lot and they were already painted. The process of paint stripping was enough of a hassle that I wouldn’t even contemplate buying painted miniatures again. Secondly they’re covered in mould-lines and neither their previous owner nor I removed them all. Thirdly and perhaps most importantly I made the mistake of painting both this unit and another one at more-or-less the same time so everything that annoyed me about the poses (triple of one sculpt in a unit of six!) was doubled up. At one point I got so sick of them that I took a couple of weeks off painting while I decided whether to finish the job or just live with part-painted miniatures if I ever want to play with them; in the end I went for it and found the completion to be quite satisfactory just for the sense of closure. The scheme is basically the same as the Blood Pack with white and (in this case) green robes and everything else in ‘natural’ colours. I mixed up the colour of the metals and the skins so that each one is unique.

Another casualty of either transport or the stripping process appears to have been the leader’s axe haft (centre). It actually doesn’t look that obvious until you compare it to the leader of the other unit so I’m not really bothered about it.

Even cases like this where the sculpts are the same on the left and right miniatures, I tried to make some difference in the painting. For example I made sure that they had different skin colours so they at least look like members of a dance troupe, rather than identical twins in a dance troupe.

Next on the painting table: more Tharn Ravagers… sigh.

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11 thoughts on “Painted Tharn Ravagers

  1. I have had a few experiences where I have lost the love of painting a figure but soldiered on regardless and its not great. It’s tough but you got there in the end! 🙂

    • Thanks. I think the tough part is that this is a hobby and therefore meant to be for my entertainment. If I was a commission painter or otherwise somehow painting was my job I would probably find it easier to push through the less enjoyable parts.

  2. I have never had much luck with used miniatures either. I pretty much only buy them new so I can be sure to give myself the best “canvas” possible. I know it can save some money but for me, I feel like spending the extra money is worth it. With that said, I hope you get through the remaining ones you have. I’d recommend treating yourself to something you want to hobby once you knock them out.

    • Thanks! Yes, I’ve definitely learned my lesson about buying used painted miniatures; for me the cost saving is not enough to account for the hassle of paint-stripping.

  3. The longest I’ve had a miniature on the tray was around 7 months so you are ahead of the game! They may have caused you pain but I like how they turned out.

    • Thank you!

      Seven months is certainly a long time to have a part-painted miniature staring back at you from the tray. What miniature was it, and were you happy with the final result when you did complete it?

      • I had to go back, find the post and remind myself and it was apparently 9 months and the model was the wood elf captain on great stag. Overall I was quite pleased with it, though in part it might have also been because I ‘discovered’ scenic flowers for the base too.

        • I remember that miniature, and remember being impressed. It’s funny how hard you have to work just to get some minis painted at all whereas some are so easy they almost paint themselves.

          This kind of experience makes me glad that I’m not a commission painter (not that there is any danger of that anyway); it must be awful to fall out of love with a sculpt but have to do it regardless since it’s part of a job.

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