Painted War Hog

This is the second War Hog I’ve painted up for my Minions army in Hordes. I don’t have a lot to add since I painted the first one in the sense that no rules have changed. However, I have started to use Void Archons and the Hermit of Henge Hold which both have other ways to decrease armour of enemy models. This means that the War Hog can hit things needlessly hard is probably the among the most efficient killers of big targets in the game. I love to use War Hogs whenever possible, though in fairness there are only two heavy Warbeasts available to Farrow Warlocks so it’s not like there is a lot of competition.

I painted this War Hog with a classic ‘three little pigs’ pink skin, as much to make it look different from the other one as any other reason. It’s a straightforward sculpt and was quite enjoyable to paint up. Now that I have taken the photos I see that I forgot about its nose-ring so I’m off now to fix that. Interestingly, the bronze colour on the trophy Warjack head worn on its left leg is not showing up in the photos against the pink skin; presumably this is something that I could resolve with better photography or better post-camera tidying up. Now I just need to get a third one so I can give Joe his War Hog back.

Next on the painting table: Tharn Ravagers (yes, I know that the Battle Boar was in my plans… it’ll get there eventually).

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8 thoughts on “Painted War Hog

  1. He’s a beast!! I reckon some flamer death would make for a lovely bit of crackling 😉

    • Thanks. I don’t think that the War Hog has it, but some of the smaller Farrow (i.e. big pig people) have the Bacon rule, where living models in base to base with them can heal when they die due to how delicious they smell 🙂

  2. That is a really cool sculpt. I don’t see a lot of cool minis made of Warthogs and I really like this one. Perhaps I should check out Privateer Press’s minis. Something like this could be a fun painting project one day 🙂

    • Privateer Press has a whole (well, half) a faction of pig people in their Minions range for Hordes. As with all of PP’s work, some of the materials are a bit annoying to work with but the sculpts are generally very fun. I’d love to see what a painter of your calibre could do with them.

      • That’s good to know. I’ll give those a look! And thanks for the kind words about painting as well 🙂

  3. Looking great. I have mine yet to paint. I really should give my Minions some love. Real fun faction to play.

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