Painted Dez

This is Dez (possibly short for Desiree?), another Mercenary solo for Warmachine. She originates from the Riot Quest game, a cross-over set in an alternate timeline of the Iron Kingdoms in much the same way that Blood Bowl exists in an alternate version of the Warhammer world. Dez is a straightforward model in the sense that she’s all about the giant bazooka she’s carrying. Her turns are simple most of the time – shoot the biggest thing in range that is susceptible to knock down. If possible, do it from somewhere on a flag so you can score too. Obviously there is a bit more finesse to it than that… but not much. She’s a lot of fun in a Soldiers of Fortune army, and Rhulic Warjacks really love the accuracy boost from attacking a knocked down victim.

As a member of my Mercenaries force I wanted to keep some of the green and bronze colours as a tie-in to the rest of the miniatures, but I accentuated the yellow much more as I want Dez to stand out as not being a proper member of the Steelhead Company. I also went with pink hair to emphasise the rather cartoonish nature of the miniature. Dez was a lot of fun to paint and I’m really pleased with the final results. As a side note, Dez is huge compared to other human sized miniatures in Warmachine; that’s a 40mm base she’s standing on. I’m not certain if this is some intentional thing where she’s a giant in the stories, or if it is just part of the random scale fluctuations that miniatures are subject to in the sculpting process.

Next on the painting table: Battle Boar.

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4 thoughts on “Painted Dez

  1. docbungle


  2. That’s a cool sculpt and who doesn’t love a rocket launcher in their wargaming too? 🙂

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