Painted Ghordson Basher

Here is a Ghordson Basher, another heavy Warjack for my Mercenaries in Warmachine. As Warjacks go this one is pretty straightforward. It’s good at slam attacks and gets to do them without spending Focus. Therefore most turns with the Basher are just declaring a slam on the biggest slammable thing in range, then boosting to hit with the free Focus from Power-Up. Luckily Bashers are really cheap (in fact I think that they might be the cheapest heavy in the game) so I have no qualms about sending them in for a slam and them making the other army spend their attacks to beat it to scrap next turn.

The paint scheme is the same green and bronze that I’ve tried to use for all of the Rhulic Warjacks. I used cream to accentuate the ramming plate (or whatever it is called) on the Basher’s ‘head’ as that’s the most interesting part. It was a very quick and easy miniature to paint and, while not spectacular, I’m pleased with the results and enjoyed the process.

Next on the painting: Tharn Ravager Shaman.

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2 thoughts on “Painted Ghordson Basher

  1. A neat little mini. 🙂

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