Painted Tharn Blood Pack

These are Tharn Blood Pack, a unit for Circle Orboros in Hordes. The Tharn are a traditional Tolkein-esque (or Star Trek-esque, if you prefer space rather than forests) race in the sense that they are just like regular humans, only with funny hats on and a highly specific culture. In this case, they’re meant to be primitive cannibals and worshippers of terrifying forest deities. Ironically, since they’re the first unit I’ve actually painted, I think that these are probably the least useful Tharn unit. Their ranged attacks aren’t particularly exciting and they are massively outshone in melee by the other male Tharn unit. They were first in the queue since I got them as part of a lot of other Tharn and these were the only ones which didn’t need paint stripped off them.

It took me a long time to decide on a paint-scheme for the Blood Pack. On the one hand, they live as one with nature in huge forests. But on the other hand, painting a load of giant people entirely in tones of green and brown isn’t really my cup of tea. In the end I chose to give them brightly coloured clothes and keep to more naturalistic colours for their accoutrements and weapons. I think that the white and purple combination makes a nice contrast between the layers of their skirts and choose to ignore the impracticalities of acquiring and cleaning such cloth in the middle of a primal forest.

I think that the central Tharn here is meant to be the unit leader on the basis that he’s wearing the fanciest hat. In my experience, that is usually a give away for ‘being in charge’ in wargames sculpts. Either that, or not wearing a hat at all when everyone else has them.

However, the Tharn on the left here might be the leader as he has more bling dangling off his belt. I received the unit already assembled and so it could actually be that the head from the Tharn above and the body from the one below are supposed to go together, which would make matters clearer.

Next on the painting table: Grundback Gunners (again).

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7 thoughts on “Painted Tharn Blood Pack

  1. Very nice, you chose well with the colour scheme.

  2. Very nice – I always had a bit of a softspot for the Circle Orboros (probably inspired by loving the creepy Drunes from the Slaine comics, and the Confrontation Drunes for that matter). Never got around to painting any though.

    • Thank you. They’re pretty fun to play (and anyway I recommend the game over many competitors); I’d love to see what a painter of your skills could do with the Circle.

      • Thank you! I never bought much Warmachine/Hordes back in the old days and I’d kind of forgotten about it in recent years, but reading your posts has reminded me and got the old creative juices going so who knows?

        • I wait with bated breath 🙂 There is an interesting new format called Brawlmachine that makes for a simpler entry point to the game too. It’s loosely equivalent to playing Combat Patrol to get into 40K.

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