Painted Rorsh and Brine

Here are Rorsh and Brine, a solo and Warbeast for Hordes in the Minions faction. Rorsh is the little chap and has a natty line in guns and dynamite; he is certainly more than just a handler for Brine. Indeed, I usually lead with Brine since he goes away if Rorsh is killed, then throw Rorsh into the fray in the late game. In the meantime, he supports Brine with various movement tricks and takes potshots with his amusingly named Pig Iron. Brine is a little soft-hitting on his own but has loads of attacks and therefore takes any buffs extremely well; coupled with Rorsh’s movement shenanigans he is a serious assassination threat with a long and non-linear movement. I’ve been playing the pair with Jaga-Jaga in the Will Work For Food theme force where the combination of Rage (from a Wrastler), Signs and Portent and Overtake make Brine a real danger to anyone.

Rorsh is a very busy model and I tried to keep him fairly simple so as not to be overly cluttered. After much consideration I went with a pink piggy skin tone to stand out better against the dark coat, and then picked a fairly ridiculous red for his hair. The sculpt is a bit unclear in the sense that there are parts of Rorsh’s arms that I think are meant to be hairy but could possibly be a jumper or something; anyway here he is either hairy-armed or wearing a jumper that is the same colour as his actual hair! For Brine I mirrored the colouring of Rorsh as much as possible; there is some fluff in Warmachine about the big pigs being litter-mates with the smaller ones. I’m not actually sure if that is explicitly the case for Rorsh and Brine but I liked the visual link.

Next on the painting table: Wroughthammer Rockram.

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6 thoughts on “Painted Rorsh and Brine

  1. An interesting pair, nicely done.

    • Thanks, they were a loot of fun to paint. Brine was a total pain to assemble as a huge chunk of metal with massive gaps so it took me a while to get round to applying enough putty to fill the holes.

  2. Looking good. As Dave said, an interesting pair. I like Brine who has a ‘lot of movement’ in the sculpt.

  3. Nice! They’ve really done a lot with the pigs since last time I looked, there’s some very cool models in that range now. Something else to look at – it really is a slippery slope isn’t it!

    • Thanks! You’re right, we live in a golden age of gaming and miniatures. Every time I see a new game I have to talk myself down from buying into it.

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