Painted Sgt Nicolas Verendrye

This is Sgt Nicolas Verendrye, a solo in my Mercenaries army for Warmachine. He’s a Steelhead by model type and specifically I use him a lot due to his Reinforcements ability which allows me to bring back some dead small-based Steelhead grunts, usually Halberdiers in my case. This is rather ‘unflashy’ in the sense that he sits at the back and passively recurs Halberdiers but it’s really useful to the game plan in the Soldiers of Fortune theme where I can recycle dead Halberdiers not only back into live Halberdiers via Nick, but also into Thrall Warriors via Alexia2 (about whom more later). As a solo, Nick can also do late game duty scoring a flag or contesting something but he’s so easy to kill that this is really a ‘single turn’ event.

I painted Nick more or less in the same style as Hutchuk, although the latter is not actually a Steelhead. But I liked the effect of the yellow quilting on the coat and I think that it reduces the risk that I paint an army of Steelheads as basically entirely dressed in shades of grey. I’m happy to paint my little soldiers in bright colours even though that would probably be a terrible idea in the ‘real world’ where bullets and such are flying everywhere. Reality takes a back seat in a world where magically powered robots are stomping around the place.

Next on the painting table: Rorsh and Brine.

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