Painted Yuoko Hamasaki

This is Yuoko Hamasaki, the master of the Qi and Gong crew in the Ten Thunders faction of Malifaux. Hamasaki seems to play a rather control-based game rather than pure damage, and this is a style that I’ve historically been pretty poor at playing. Unfortunately the combination of COVID-19 and the existence of many, many other good wargames has pushed Malifaux far down the priority list to play and I’m not sure that I see the latter changing in the short term. Perhaps by the time face-to-face gaming opens up again my hobby butterfly will once again alight on the bright flower of Malifaux.

As a Master, I should perhaps have made Hamasaki an wild, stand-out centrepiece miniature but somehow that seemed rather unfitting for one who manipulates from the shadows. Instead I deliberately made her look like one of the Geishas as I felt that she should fit in rather than take the limelight. I really like the pose of Hamasaki drawing a concealed katana from her parasol and I think that it captures her character very nicely.  The facial details are rather soft and, while this certainly doesn’t bother me on the tabletop, I don’t love the way it looks in these photos; admittedly my painting skills are not helping the situation either.

Next on the painting table: Sgt Nicolas Verendrye.

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4 thoughts on “Painted Yuoko Hamasaki

  1. The lack of facial details is rather unlike Malifaux. I like the concept and am looking forward to a full crew picture!

    I need to go grab a crew box and start painting Malifaux again.

    • Thanks. The crew as a whole is nicely styled but the faces are a bit shallow. It would bother me if I was primarily a painter, but gaming is more my cup of tea so the lack of depth is not really a concern at tabletop distance.

      I look forward to seeing you working on some more Malifaux miniatures; Wyrd has a terrific range.

  2. Nice model, but that blank face is pretty creepy.,, Is it perhaps supposed to be like that perhaps?

    • Hmm, possibly. She’s just meant to be a normal person (at least, normal by the admittedly pretty weird standards of Malifaux) so I suppose that she’s not supposed to have an unusually creepy face. I think it’s just shallow sculpting, not really supported by my painting skills either.

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