Painted Durgen Madhammer

This is Durgen Madhammer, the third and currently final Rhulic Warcaster for my Warmachine Mercenaries. Thematically, Durgen is all about explosions – he carries a miniature artillery piece, his spells cause blasts and his Feat gives friendly AoE weapons more damage. He even makes his Warjacks cause fire with their ranged attacks. Durgen’s story is that he is so much of a dangerous lunatic that his own people ‘encouraged’ him to become a mercenary so that he would travel and fight people far away from their own country. I really, really want to like Durgen. Unfortunately, his rules are a frustrating mess of anti-synergies and playing him is an exercise in frustration. For example, one of Durgen’s main spells is Primed, which makes a unit hit harder at the cost of their armour, plus they explode when killed; he wants cheap, low armour (i.e. high defence) infantry. In the Rhulic theme, the only infantry are slow, expensive and rely on their armour to keep them alive; casting Primed on Forge Guard will just have them shot and exploding before they do anything useful. In Soldiers of Fortune (my current favourite) Steelhead Halberdiers would be perfect being cheap, fast and having such terrible armour anyway that a penalty from Primed has no actual impact. Unfortunately, they have a great recursion mechanism which is disabled by casting Primed on them.

I painted Durgen with roughly the same scheme as Ossrum and Gorten, i.e. mostly green with cream contrast. I quite like the stoic pose and could imagine Durgen bracing himself as he fires high explosive shells around the battlefield, cackling like a madman all the while.

I assembled Durgen with his visor up, even though that would be a terrible approach for him to take on a battlefield. I like his crazed face and it saddens me a little that it’s pretty much invisible from the normal tabletop angle. It was also a really pain to get paint on due to the tight angle needed on the brush!

Next on the painting table: Winter Soldier.

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