Painted Ultron

Here’s Ultron from Marvel Crisis Protocol. Ultron’s a bit different from the other characters because not only can he be used in the normal game play but also there is a special mission where Ultron fights alone against a full crew of Supers; there is even an AI checklist so that two real players can team up against him. We haven’t actually tried that though.

The miniature has a nice pose but is slightly boring to paint since Ultron is pretty much all one colour. In this case my son had done about half of the work before losing interest and handing him back so I just tidied up, added the red flashes and sorted out the base. Quick and easy.

Next on the painting table: Geishas.

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8 thoughts on “Painted Ultron

  1. Nice painting of a model, like base of it ;-).

    • Thanks! The base is actually direct from the game – the rock is part of the standard sculpt and the pavement base is just one of the one from the box. So I take no credit for it, apart from the tiny bit of painting of course 🙂

  2. Not easy painting figures that are essentially all one colour but you made a very nice job of this one.

  3. Nicely done – a dull one to paint no doubt, but he’ll do the job

  4. He looks good even though he is a little plain as you say. Having a baddy like that in the collection is never a bad thing:)

    • Thanks. Ultron can be used normally as a regular team member too. One of the things I find quite fun about Crisis Protocol is that everyone can be in a team with anyone; the idea is that just about every possible team has occurred in a comic somewhere and there are loads of stories about mortal enemies joining forces to fight someone else. I could have Captain America, Gamora, Doctor Octopus and Ultron on the same team if I felt like it, and face off against an equally esoteric team.

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