Painted Grundback Blasters

These are a pair of Grundback Blasters to go in my Warmachine Mercenaries army. They’re basically just Grundback Gunners with a different weapon, in this case a machine gun that fires a spray template. This combined with their Powerful Attack ability makes them very good for clearing out jamming infantry. Blasters are tough enough to be resilient to small arms fire but they don’t last long if something serious gets launched at them; luckily they’re cheap and self-sufficient so I’m never too worried if something wrecks them.

Like the Gunners, I wanted to give the Blasters a fairly standard, factory-made look so I’ve kept a simple and consistent colour scheme which matches the other Rhulic Warjacks. I’ve just acquired another few of these little cuties so I might have to start adding in some more variations with the next batch.

Next on the painting table: Ultron.

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3 thoughts on “Painted Grundback Blasters

  1. Nice – there’s a real workmanlike vibe about these guys that is really emphasised by the dark green

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