Painted Spider-Man

This is the ever-youthful and iconic Spider-Man for Marvel Crisis Protocol. In the core box he’s ‘just’ another hero but I know that there is a forthcoming ‘Web Warriors’ affiliation that he is presumably part of. This particular one is Peter Parker and I’m not sure if the leader of the Web Warriors will be him or Miles Morales. Or, for that matter, one of the numerous other linked heroes / anti-heroes from the comics; my preference would be Madame Web.

It felt good to paint Spider-Man; he (along with the X-Men) was my Saturday morning cartoon of choice way back in the dim and distant past and I feel like he’s come out of the various films since then quite well. The paint scheme itself was quite easily selected; despite the many alternate costumes Spider-Man has had, there is only one classic to use. As with the other Crisis Protocol miniatures, I’ve kept a bright, primary colour-heavy style to fit in with the comics and cartoons.

Next on the painting table: Grundback Blasters.

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15 thoughts on “Painted Spider-Man

  1. So cool man

  2. Very nicely done. Along with Batman he has to be my all time comic book hero.

    • Thank you. Spider-Man always gets written as a very likeable character somehow so he’s definitely one of my favourites too. Also, I grew up watching the cartoon in the 80s so he’s a part of my childhood that stays with me.

  3. Excellent! 🕸🕷🕸

  4. Very nicely done

  5. Sweet work! I doubt I’d ever play the game, but it would be so much fun just to paint those minis. The little one and I have watched all of the Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends cartoon during these COVID days. I guess there is a plus side to it. 😉

    • Thanks.

      Wow, i must have spent so many hours watching those in my youth. I hope you both loved the shows… and nostalgia in your case.

  6. Great job – he looks cool

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