Painted Baron Zemo

Here is Baron Zemo, one of the baddies from Marvel Crisis Protocol. I wasn’t really aware of Zemo until the MCU film in which he appears, and even with that I didn’t really link him to the comic book character presented in Crisis Protocol. I think that is partly because of the relative lack of popularity of Captain America (and hence his associated baddies) here during my youth, or maybe it was just a timing thing; I know that my uncles had a lot of those comics.

Being unfamiliar with the character I went with a direct copy of Zemo’s costume as presented on the stat card for the game. I have no idea why he wears a purple flannel and crown combo over his head but sometimes supervillains just like to set their own styles. It was quite nice to paint the contrast between the normal jacket, trousers and boots and then the purple stuff he wears over his skin. I read once that Marvel in particular tended to use red and blue for the goodies and green and purple for the baddies to make it easier to tell who was on which side, so perhaps that it part of the explanation.

Next on the painting table: Hinamatsu.

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4 thoughts on “Painted Baron Zemo

  1. Nice – impressive pose on this chap!!

  2. Nice white fur of his jacket, trousers also look cool for me 🙂 .

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