Painted Chaos Knight War Dog

This is the second War Dog for my Chaos Knights in Warhammer 40,000. There’s probably not much to add from a mechanical perspective since I posted her sister machine; needless to say I haven’t been getting a lot of in-person gaming done lately.

I wanted this War Dog to be a nice deep red in honour of the Blood God. As with the other Knights, I kept the machinery parts a metallic colour and went for primary colours on the armour plates. I’m pretty pleased with the overall effect, though it is certainly true that the War Dog looks better at tabletop distance where the fairly binary transitions from dark to light red on the hull aren’t quite so obvious. The kit was a lot of fun to assemble and paint; just one more of the big Knights to do now and this project is complete (-ish).

I dedicate this post to Ann‘s Sixty Day Miniatures of Magnitude Painting Challenge. As a giant, terrifying engine of war dedicating herself to slaughter in the name of unholy powers, I feel that this War Dog fits the bill nicely. Many thanks to Ann for curating this particular internet challenge.

I used head from a Juggernaut of Khorne instead of one of the standard heads.

Next on the painting table: Gatorman Witch Doctor.

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6 thoughts on “Painted Chaos Knight War Dog

  1. Very cool – I really ought to get around to this kit one of these days!

    • It’s really enjoyable to work with. I’d love to see what a hobbyist of your talents could do with something the size of a Knight.

  2. Nice figure and well done too. The primary colours work well and red always takes some beating.

  3. This looks bloody awesome, mate – great use of the Jugger head!

  4. Thank Azazel. I can’t take credit for the head though, I saw someone else’s somewhere and decided it was a cool enough idea to steal and/or be inspired by.

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