Painted Captain Marvel

This is Captain Marvel for Marvel Crisis Protocol. Hopefully she is less powerful in the game that she is in the MCU film of the same name, otherwise there won’t be much point in anyone else showing up. Actually I’m sure she’s fine in-game; she’s not even the most expensive character.

Just like Doctor Octopus, I’ve stuck pretty much to the colour scheme on the box. Probably this relates to some specific period in comic book history but I’m not enough of a comic fan to go that deep. I always approve of paint schemes that are predominantly bright primary colours though. The yellow, always the trickiest colour to get nice, came out quite well with the exception of the star on her chest which looks rather more like a blob than I would like.

Next on the painting table: Chaos Knight War Dog (again).

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9 thoughts on “Painted Captain Marvel

  1. Love the comic book style painting, shame the model is of Disney’s character, not the original, blockbuster comic book hero – SHAZMA!

    • Thanks.

      I’m not super familiar with comics but I think that she’s done at least in the style of the Captain Marvel in ‘House of M’. Shazam is a DC character anyway, unless I miss your point.

  2. The colours look really striking – certainly capture attention well.
    Are they GWs contrast paints?

    • Thank you! No, these are boring old regular Citadel paints and washes. To be honest, if I was starting out now on a painting journey then I would probably have bought contrast.

  3. Nice one mate, she’s… well, she’s marvellous! 😁

  4. Nicely done and I think you made a good choice sticking with the box art as it does work well.

    • Thanks. Painting bright primary colours makes me happy so in some ways I should have started on superheroes ages ago.

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