Warmachine / Hordes battle report: Circle Orboros vs Convergence of Cyriss (75 points); 13Jun2020

Last weekend Andrew kindly accepted a game of Warmachine / Hordes with me. I was planning to use Morvahna1 again but since Andrew wanted to play Convergence I realised that would not be a great idea; having a Feat and main spell relying on living or undead enemies isn’t going to make a favourable match-up against an army of clockwork robots. I threw together a fairly simple Wurmwood1 list for the game instead but this gave me a bit more context about using Morvanha1 further; more about this at the end.

Game 5 – Invasion (scenario 4) vs Andrew’s Convergence of Cyriss


[Theme] Bones of Orboros

[Wurmwood 1] Wurmwood, Tree of Fate [+27]
– Megalith [20]
– Wold Guardian [16]
– Woldwarden [14]
– Woldwarden [14]
– Woldwarden [14]
– Woldwyrd [9]
Blackclad Stoneshaper [0(3)]
Blackclad Stoneshaper [0(3)]
Sentry Stone & Mannikins [0(5)]
Sentry Stone & Mannikins [5]
Shifting Stones [0(3)]
Shifting Stones [0(3)]
Well of Orboros [10]

I think that this is probably as simple a starting point as I can manage for Wurmwood in the Bones of Orboros. The idea is to use the Wold Wardens to hold heavies back with Stranglehold so that I can either pick them off one at a time or eventually grind out a scenario win. It feels like there is a lot of support in this list, mainly the Shifting Stones so that Wurmwood can actually move without Cassius.


[Theme] Clockwork Legions

!!! This army contains CID entries.

[Axis 1] Axis, the Harmonic Enforcer [+30]
– Conservator [12]
– Conservator [12]
– Corollary [0(6)]
– Diffuser [0(6)]
Frustum Locus [4]
Prefect Hypatia [0(5)]
Void Archon [8]
Void Archon [8]
Asphyxious the Sanctified [14]
– Blockader [33]
Negation Angels [6]
Negation Angels [6]

So it seems that the main draw for this list is to abuse Mage Static and Iron Aggression on the Blockader. It can also use an obscene amount of Focus in a turn between Power Up, the Corollary and Asphyxious himself. The rest seems comparatively manageable. Note that I’ve somehow missed something here as this looks to only end at 73 points, and also that I don’t think that the Diffuser made it to the table in the end.

I win the roll-off and choose to go first; Andrew gives me the side with the annoying house. I skew toward the right and Andrew puts the Blockader there which is going to be hard to deal with.

Turn 1: Circle
I run forward at top speed; surprisingly fast for a load of old stones, but still not very fast. Wurmwood puts a Rapid Growth forest to extend the actual forest and block lines of sight.

Turn 1: Convergence
The whole of the Convergence force also runs at me. Mage Static goes on the Blockader, and most of the important things stroll into the central trench.

Turn 2: Circle
The Well drops the left most Angel and clips the Void Archon on that side for a bit of damage. Somewhat later, Andrew reminds me that I didn’t create a solo from it yet and generously allows me to do so out of sequence so I get a Blackclad Wayfarer. The Mannikins on the right set up a spray that kills another Angel. On the left, the Wold Warden fails to break the Conservators armour with a boosted Stranglehold so Wurmwood has to do it via Cassius; the latter gets pulled back with Dark Path. The Shifting Stones teleport Wurmwood to the right a little. Megalith boosts to hit another Angel with Stranglehold but also misses; the other Shifting Stones bring him back.

Turn 2: Convergence
The Blockader gets a full stack of Focus. It stomps forward and vaporises the Sentry Stone with guns, then leaves the Wold Wyrd on a handful of boxes; the Void Archon finishes the job. Axis puts Iron Aggression onto the Blockader and Feats. On the left, the Negation Angels swarm one of my Wold Wardens for a little damage. Andrew scores the right zone; 1 – 0.

Turn 3: Circle
Well, it’s Axis’ Feat turn so I’m not going to get a lot done. The Well misses the Void Archon so I have to kill it off with a Geomancied Stranglehold. Cassius stabs one of the Angels on the left and a Mannikin sprays both of the others to death while one of its buddies stops the Conservators from charging. On the left, I completely fail to land any spells on the Void Archon but Wurmwood does at least manage to put Curse of Shadows on the nearer Conservator. It also Feats and I’m disappointed to find that the forest is only Command Area, not Control Area as I had assumed. That felt a bit rubbish. Neither of us score; 1 – 0 to Andrew.

Turn 3: Convergence
The fires from the burning clouds all go out (not that they were going to do much anyway) and Iron Aggression is upkept. The Void Archon on the left kills the Sentry Stone. The Corollary fills up the Blockader with Focus and Asphyxious4 moves to end up in base to base with the planned landing spot. The Blockader then tramples into my forest and uses Iron Aggression, its three original Focus and five Focus from Asphyxious4 to beat both Wold Wardens to death and leave the Wold Guardian on a handful of boxes. The Conservators kill Cassius and one stone from each of the Shifting Stone units. Andrew scores the right zone again; 2 – 0.

Turn 4: Circle
I need to take out Asphyxious4 or the Blockader will kill my entire army single handed. Wurmwood clears a bit of room with a Hellmouth into my own Shifting Stone and the right Blackclad Stoneshaper gets a couple more jammers with his spray. The other Stoneshaper gives Earth’s Power to the Wold Guardian and it saunters over to pound Asphyxious4 into the floor, thereby rendering the Blockader inert. At this point, I could move to attrition as I could probably have Megalith deal with one Conservator and the last Wold Warden do some tasty damage to the other, perhaps even Chain Attack: Smite it into the Void Archon. However, I think I have a reasonable shot at getting Axis. The Wold Warden kills off the Shifting Stone in Megalith’s way, and the Wayfarer puts Hunter’s Mark on the Frustrum Locus. Megalith charges in, smacks the Frustrum Locus once then turns his attention to Axis. Sadly he misses the boosted 7 needed to start applying damage and put Weight of Stone on the Convergence Warcaster and the follow-up attacks don’t roll the crazy dice that would have been needed. It’s clear that Andrew can just tidy up in his turn so we call it there. Circle lose by concession.

Many thanks to Andrew for being a fun opponent, and especially for being helpful during the game. He’s played Circle in the past and knew all of the various things that my stuff could do so he gave good advice while we played. Wurmwood1 was really hard to play; there are just so many things that can be done each turn, and also so many limitations on movement that every activation felt like an opportunity to lose. Things I learned:

  • Shifting Stones and Wurmwood1’s own movement rules means that I need to think one turn ahead about where things need to go.
  • Sentry Stones are surprisingly easy to destroy considering stealth etc. Possibly I need to be more cautious about positioning them, but the short command range on the Mannikins means that they can’t keep a very high screen if I want the Sentry Stone to be safe.
  • Wurmwood1’s Feat forest is smaller and considerably less useful than I had thought. I had hoped to use it to blunt offence for a turn (a bit like the Witch Coven’s Feat) but it is just too small to do more than keep the tree safe. And I could probably get away with casting Strange Growth and sitting in that forest if I just want to use Prowl.

I realised as part of the lead-up to this game that Morvanha1 was going to have issues into a lot of the game at the moment since there are plenty of lists out there with no living or undead infantry. So, as amusing as I have found playing her, I’m going to move onto a different Warlock as I’m nowhere near good enough at this wonderful game to start a chunk of games with no Feat and a non-Spell. I’m not actually sure where I’ll go from here, probably Morvanha2 in Devourer’s Host is the obvious choice. Wurmwood1 in Bones of Orboros might be too complex for me at this stage so I’m considering a pair with Krueger2 in the same theme.

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