Painted Doctor Octopus

This is Doctor Octopus from the Marvel Crisis Protocol skirmish game. So far at Chateau Argentbadger we have not managed to have a game of this so I have no idea how Doc Ock plays, but I am certainly looking forward to it.

I deliberately kept to the box art while painting Doctor Octopus so he is clad in the classic yellow and green spandex. Apparently the miniatures for Crisis Protocol are based predominantly on the comics (i.e. not the films) so I’m not making any attempt whatsoever to make him look realistic. I’m quite satisfied with the result considering that the whole miniature is basically three colours.

Next on the painting table: Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord.

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14 thoughts on “Painted Doctor Octopus

  1. Oh, my favourite villain. Well done. Great choice.

  2. This looks like a fun way to paint – comic book style! How is the game play? High strategy or fun? can the game be played cooperatively?

    • I haven’t actually played it yet so I can’t comment. It looks straightforward enough and as a skirmish game I won’t have to worry about too many models.

      There is definitely a co-op mode where you can play as a team again Ultron or Hulk.

      • So having played this game now, it is pretty fun. It feels like there are a lot of possibilities to explore between the hero’s powers, various terrain interactions several combinations of missions and so on. It’s too early to say if it’s really deep or just has the illusion of depth is actually just complex for the sake of complexity though. We’ll definitely be playing more.

  3. Hadn’t thought about it before but as you say there are two ways of painting comic charachters. I guess either works but I really like the idea of staying true to the comic so I think you made the right choice as well doing a very good paint job.

  4. Joyous 😊👍

  5. He looks great! How big are the figures compared to standard 28/32mm?

    • Thanks. The figures are nominally 35-40mm scale, so a bit bigger than most of the stuff I play with. I think it potentially works quite well though; these superheroes are larger than life so I don’t mind too much if they’re a bit bigger than any potential civilian miniatures I might use.

  6. This looks great. I have way too many toys to paint but be tempted by them but these are cool

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