Painted Hutchuk, Ogrun Bounty Hunter

This heavily armoured chap is Hutchuk, Ogrun Bounty Hunter. He’s a solo for my Hordes Minions, but crosses the divide to Mercenaries too so in theory he could appear in almost any army. Hutchuk can Ambush, which is theoretically very helpful in that he can come onto a board edge and beat up a lone solo sitting on a flag or something. Sadly for me, that never seems to work out right and he usually ambushes, misses with his grenade, misses with his mace and then gets murdered. I actually have the impression that Hutchuk might have started life as an RPG character for one of the PP team as he seems to have quite a lot of backstory associated with him considering that he is a minor solo in one of the least story-centric factions of the entire game.

Painting Hutchuk was quite a challenge as I didn’t want him to just end up looking like one single massive suit of armour… even though plainly that is what he is. I’ve mixed in a couple of different metallic colours to break up the bulk of the model, and then tried to keep the cloth bits a little brighter. I picked yellow for Hutchuk’s quilted coat to make him stand out a bit more; I tried red initially but it just didn’t look right. The only things that I wasn’t complete suited with were the bombs in his hand and on his belt. Mainly I couldn’t get a colour that looked plausible without just blending into the mass of metal stuff Hutchuk wears. I really love the posing of this miniature; Hutchuk just walking professionally forward to deal with whatever his contract states.

Next on the painting table: Doctor Octopus.

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5 thoughts on “Painted Hutchuk, Ogrun Bounty Hunter

  1. Well he’s a big hunk o’ nasty! Nicely done 😊

  2. Agree with Alex, nicely done.

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