Painted General Ossrum

This is General Ossrum, a Warcaster for my very slow-grow Mercenaries in Warmachine. He’s quite reasonably known as General Awesome since he basically makes everything better. I actually have never put him on the table but Joe regularly crushes me with Ossrum; he has a way to make guns shoot better (Fire For Effect), a way to make himself a bit harder to kill (Bullet Dodger) and a Tactician ability to let all other Rhulic models see and move through each other if they’re close enough. In a positioning game like Warmachine that is really useful. Ossrum’s Feat also makes everything Rhulic near him both faster and tougher so it has applications both on the Mercenary turn and the other players turn.

I wanted to keep the green colouring I’ve used in various other Mercenaries I’ve painted over the years but mixed it up a little with a nice cream colouring this time. I really like the effect overall and I’m very pleased with the final appearance of Ossrum.

Next on the painting table:Hutchuk, Ogrun Bounty Hunter.

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6 thoughts on “Painted General Ossrum

  1. Very cool

  2. Cool model – is he a dwarf of some sort?

    • Thanks.

      Yes, he is the Warmachine equivalent of a regular fantasy Dwarf. Without getting too deep into the minutiae of the lore, the Rhulfolk are broadly analogous to the Dwarfs of other Tolkein-inspired settings in so far as they are dedicated, trustworthy, skilled at engineering etc. They just don’t favour having beards that look like they’re halfway through the process of swallowing a badger whole.

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